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Are Doc Martens Waterproof?

Comfort and durability are qualities of excellent shoes and Doc Martens are great, offering comfort and designed with long-lasting materials. This brand of footwear soles comes air-cushioned has yellow stitches, and a welted construction. But, are Doc Martens waterproof? Well, soaking your Doc Martens in water might mean spelling out trouble.

For many durable shoes, they ought to have some resistance to moisture or stand the risk of facing great issues on rainy days. Shoes that lack waterproof feature often leave the feet soggy when wet and can lead to some moisture irritations. Although many Doc Martens lacks the water-resisting feature, they are likable and can withstand light downpours.

Features of Doc Martens

Doc Martens possesses a variety of features and they include:

  1. Comfortable: They come designed to be very comfortable, ensuring that your feet do not feel sore. Thus, you can use your Doc Martens and walk for miles, leaving your feet relaxed with the excellent cushion.
  2. Durable: The footwear from the brand are very durable, making sure that they last forever. They have a sturdy design that ensures the footwear remain strong and withstand various tough conditions, while it keeps you going.
  3. Fashionable: Doc Martens always remain in style, creating a fashionable appearance and making you have a great fashion statement. You can never go wrong with your Doc Martens and stylish denim.

Do Doc Martens have Water Resistance?

Simply put, the majority of the Doc Martens footwear has no waterproof but, they can also stand in the rain to some extent. In fact, with some waterproof spray, you can make your Doc Martens withstand bad weather conditions and heavy use. With their excellent durability combined with the effects of the waterproof spray, they can also last long.

You can apply some wax and other protective substances that can keep moisture away from seeping through the shoe’s seam. But, there is good news, as this shoe brand now has fully waterproof boots (the 1460 ankle range boots). Thus, you can get such and be less bothered about the heavy downpour, and keep your feet away from getting cold.

Interestingly, these waterproof Doc Martens comes designed with excellent breathable features that ensure your feet remain comfortable. One great option is the DryWair range from the brand that has an oily leather surface, which repels water. The heat sealing of the shoe is awesome and also ensures that moisture doesn’t get to the sole.


Doc Martens are excellent fashionable boots that come designed with great features that keep the feet comfortable. They are also durable, constructed with top-quality and long-lasting materials. However, you can find a lot of them lacking waterproof, and can get damaged with a heavy downpour.

Nevertheless, they can withstand light rain showers and still keep the feet dry, and you can also apply some wax to keep water away. But, with the new range of waterproof boots that this brand offers, you can now worry less about water passing through the seams.

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