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Are Vans Shoes Good for Lifting?

If you like to work out in the gym every day, all you need is a supportive and comfortable shoe. Though different exercises demand different types of shoes like Adipowers is good for squats and presses, Chucks for lifts and bench.

But what is so good about Van shoes? Are Vans shoes good for lifting? Vans shoes are skateboarding shoes. Even if you are currently under budget, they can be your lifting shoes in your gym. 

Vans shoes are cheap and have a firm sole. But it trails a little behind than those shoes meant for lifting purpose. In those cases, chucks, converse shoes come handy due to its revolutionary design and professional craftsmanship.

What Differs a Lifting Shoe From an Ordinary Sneaker?

A lifting shoe is professionally designed for lifting exercises. Lifting shoes with flexible flat sole, midfoot straps raised heel provides much stability to the lifter than ordinary shoes.

A sneaker is well suited for your casual walk, jogging. But when it comes to flexion and extension in exercise, support your arch and improvise squinting position.

The selection of lifting shoes varies based on personal opinion. Some people prefer chuck Taylors, some lover conserves, and some prefer vans shoes. Vans shoe provides strong stability, does wobble, and is cost-effective. Nevertheless, to mention, it will last long.

What Differs a Lifting Shoe From an Ordinary Sneaker?

Can a Vans Shoe Be Your Gym Partner?

Some people prefer working out barefoot to wearing comfortable shoes. The midsole and insole of the shoe support your arches. For this reason, arches do not work out much and remain in the resting phase.

Many of the gyms do not permit working out in socks. Why? It’s hilarious! They fear spreading out of foul smell from our socks! Well, I think the decision is thoughtful. Who would love to exercise in that foul environment?

The exquisite features of a vans shoe have risen it to fame. Such like–

  • The firm, flat, non-slip sole:

The Vans shoe’s sole is firm and hard but not firm as the sole of conserve and chucks. The non-slip top surface generates friction and gives you a comfortable walking experience.

A firm sole allows you to push against the ground in squats and deadlifts. On the other hand, a hard sole does not provide much flexibility in such cases.  

  • Canvas :

Vans shoes are featured with a premium quality canvas with iconic side stripe and low-top lace-up silhouette.

Though I wouldn’t say, I like to wear my canvas vans on a rainy day because it gets wet easily and feels heavy. Thus it gets uncomfortable.

  • Zero-drop feature:

Do you know that is meant by zero- drop? Altra shoes introduced the term. It means that the eel and the ball of your foot are at the same height.

No drop sole helps to maintain the natural position of the foot and maintains the best stability. Click here to checkout is the zero drop boots.

  • Lateral steam:

Vans shoes are very popular among kids. Do you know why? Kids love thrashing, jumping, running.

 The vans’ lateral steam is sturdy enough to absorb the opposite force while thrashing and prevents the shoe from falling apart. They are greatly supported internally to handle the lateral shear.

  • Toe box:

The toe box of the vans is quite spacious and well suitable for your feet. It gradually fits your size.

It’s an anomaly when your vans rip at the toe because of your toe sticking through the fabric around the foot’s ball.

  • High top or low top:

Nowadays, both high top and low top shoes are in vogue. High top shoes expand above the ankle and maintain a normal posture of the body. In comparison, a low-top shoe keeps the ankle comparatively open and maintains flexibility.

I prefer low – top shoe. Despite the cushion padding on the ankle, my ankles are prone to bruises due to friction.

These special features made the vans long-lasting and added it to the collection of the lifters.

Can You Squat Wear a Vans Shoe?

Can You Squat Wear a Vans Shoe?

It does not matter how hard and durable your shoe sole is. It’s the firmness of the sole that permits you to push against the ground. This flat, squishiness of the sole brings your foot as close as possible to the ground.

Vans shoes are designed with a flat, firm, non-slip, squishy sole so that you can push off with great energy hand over. You can surely squat wearing vans shoe, but the experience won’t be as great as squatting in a weight lifting shoe like conserve.

Which Exercises Should Be Avoided Wearing Vans?

According to some reviewers, vans shoes are not a weight lifting shoe, but vans work well in some lifts.

But there are some exercises which you should avoid when you are in Van’s shoes. Like-

  • Lunges
  • Calf exercises like- downward dog, jump rope, standing wall calf stretch, seated calf raise, etc.
  • Agility booster- dot drills, jump box drills, lateral ply metric jumps, etc.
  • Running 

It’s not that you cannot perform the above exercises wearing vans. But the canvas and sole firm damage the shoe during these exercises. So try avoiding them.

How long will a vans shoe last?

The vans shoe is a skateboard shoe. Though not perfect for lifting like the conserve and chucks but manageable. Regular uses make it prone to wear and tear.

A vans shoe can last for about two years. But it completely depends on how you use it.


Vans shoes are comparatively lightweight. Its sole is made of suede, which provides it a firm base to flex. It thus helps to supervise your mechanical angles and improves your posture. So if you are still thinking, “are vans shoe good for lifting?” my answer will be-it is good enough to serve the purpose but not the best like that of an actual weight lifting shoe. So, which shoe do you prefer during weight lifting?

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