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The 7 Best Shoes for Dance Cardio of 2023

Do you love dancing and, at the same time, making an effort to keep your body and mind healthy through a fitness routine?

We sure all do!

However, a ‘bad shoe day’ will get you distracted while attempting to get yourself into a relaxed mood.

So, as a lover of Dance Cardio, it is important to invest in a pair of sneakers that will help you keep up with the pace, moves, and transitions involved.

We have spent quality time researching the 7 best shoes for Dance Cardio of 2020 to help you enjoy stress-free dance and exercise sessions.

Whether you are trying to improve your stamina or want to burn some calories, there is a brand that will keep your feet comfortable and protected while you exercise your body.

The 7 described below qualify to keep you active, healthy, and balanced no matter the moves choreographed.

Read on to discover what sets them apart from the others in the market!

Best Shoes for Dance Cardio

NamePriceMade of
Ryka Women’s Vida RZXSee On Amazon
Leather, Rubber Sole
Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout SneakersSee On Amazon
90% Mesh/10% Polyurethane, Synthetic Sole
Adidas Performance Women’s A.T 360.2 Prima Training ShoeSee On Amazon
100% Textile/Synthetic, Rubber Sole
Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 SneakerSee On Amazon
Textile and Synthetic, Synthetic Sole
INOV-8 Men’s Barefoot Minimalist Cross Training Bare-XF210 V2 Shoes
See On Amazon
Leather, Textile; Rubber Sole
Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave SneakerSee On Amazon
Synthetic, Rubber Sole
ASICS Men’s Gel-Quantum 180 TR Cross-Trainer ShoeSee On Amazon
Breathable fabric, Synthetic Leather Sole

1. Ryka Women’s Vida RZX

Ryka Women's Vida RZX

The Ryka Women’s Vida RZX training shoe is specially made to conform to the foot shape, build, and muscle movement of a woman, thus, making it a perfect choice to help you perform optimally during your Dance Cardio session, given its RZX technology platform.

Also, the ultra-flex technology in the forefoot, alternating flex grooves at the top and bottom of the midsole, and the rubber outsole combine to keep the feet comfortable, cushioned, and balanced all through.

If you have high arches, you will find the provided support adequate for your sole and heel.

Ryka Women’s Vida RZX qualifies as of the best shoes for cardio dance since you can make the transition to different moves with ease and comfort.


  • Use of RZX technology to reduce pressure on the forefoot during workouts
  • Presence of smooth lining cushioned insole with Anatomical Precise-Return™ sock-liner for enhanced cushioning
  • Use of responsive cushioning to protect against impact and shock absorption
  • The dance and studio pivot point will allow you to turn and twist with ease (offers excellent traction)
  • The breathable mesh with supportive synthetic overlays promotes aeration and keeps your feet dry and cool
  • The lace-up design gives a customized and snug fit


  • Lack of quality control leads to some users receiving defective products
  • It is not recommended for people with narrow feet

2.  Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers

Zumba Women's Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers

Whether you are in a Dance Cardio, Aerobic, Zumba, or Jazzercise class, the breathable fabric technology and lightweight design of the Zumba Women’s Fly sneakers will help you squat, shimmy, or shuffle without stress.

The 90% mesh and 10% polyurethane upper keep your feet flexible and soft. It also comes with a compressed EVA midsole that guarantees comfort.

Wearing the best sneakers for Dance Cardio ensures your knees are pain-free after a workout session since they are not heavy, and you can pivot in them with ease.

Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers is a high-quality, shock-absorbing, comfortable, and supportive pair of shoes.

It ensures you get the best out of your Dance Cardio session always.


  • The Z-slide technology allows you to slide comfortably on all surfaces
  • Use of lightweight cushioning for optimal support
  • Comfortable elastic mesh uppers promote breathability and keep your feet fresh all-day
  • The tongue-less design ensures you don’t experience the discomfort of the top of your feet rubbing against fabric
  • Lace-up and slip-on design helps you get a comfortable and snug fit
  • It does not require a break-in time


  • It has a wide toe box
  • Insufficient padding which makes the feet uncomfortable if worn for long hours

3. Adidas Performance Women’s A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe

Adidas Performance Women's A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe

If you love to wear classy and unique footwear that will stand you out from the crowd, Adidas Performance Women’s training shoe, with its graphic execution in different colors, is the real deal.

The non-marking grooved outsole with lateral support offers non-stop control and stability when on the gym floor. This feature is necessary to execute different moves and transitions.

With lots of toe room and great fit in the ankle area, you wouldn’t want to miss having this on your feet to keep you comfortable when toning or firming your body muscles.

Adidas Performance Women’s A.T 360.2 Prima Training Shoe is perfect for dance classes, outdoor boot camps, and strength training sessions, thanks to the supportive and ultralight features.


  • The stretchable, seamless, and breathable mesh upper promotes all-round ventilation for your feet
  • Thanks to the sole wraps on the upper, your feet will be well-secured during classes
  • The use of flexible, non-marking rubber outsole with deep flex grooves gives a natural, unhindered stride while moving
  • Presence of a synthetic cage-like overlay for optimal support
  • The lace-up closure provides a snug and comfortable fit
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Lack of proper arch support
  • The sizes run big

4. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

Under Armour Men's Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

If you want to enjoy maximal cushioning and flexibility when having a full-body aerobic workout, the durable leather overlays in Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 sneakers will help you achieve that.

The strategically placed rubber traction in the lightweight solid rubber outsole enhances its durability by covering high-impact zones and also protecting your feet.

Every feature in the Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker contributes to providing a perfect fit without slowing your movement. This perfection is attributed to their lightweight construction.

Also, you can wear these sneakers outside the gym, considering the low-profile classy look and attractive colors.


  • The light supportive foam under a soft layer of breathable mesh upper promotes the flow of air to the feet, keeping them cool and dry
  • Use of full-length EVA sock-liner to get a secured fit and stay comfortable
  • The one-piece Micro G foam midsole ensures your feet are well-cushioned, responsive, and protected during high-impact landings
  • The leather overlays produce a locked-in fit at the midfoot, thus promoting stability
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price


  • It feels tight in the toe box area
  • The sizes run small; it is advisable to order a size up

5. INOV-8 Men’s Barefoot Minimalist Cross Training Bare-XF210 V2 Shoes

INOV-8 Men's Barefoot Minimalist Cross Training Bare-XF210 V2 Shoes

The zero-drop feature of the INOV-8 Men’s Barefoot Running Minimalist Cross Training shoes brings your foot closer to the ground.

It offers a natural fit with improved Rope-Tec protection.

Your foot gets secured in the shoe thanks to the Adapter-web cradle lacing system, thereby promoting natural movement.

With the Y-lock and Zero drop system in the heel, you will enjoy more stability and proprioception when you are performing active movements.

Despite the INOV-8 Men’s Barefoot Running Minimalist Cross Training Bare-XF210 V2 Shoes being qualified as one of the best shoes for Dance Cardio, it is also perfect for treadmill running and cross-fit style workout.

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  • Use of meta-flex technology for natural flexing of the forefoot
  • Breathability gets better with the help of lighter updated materials possessing more toe room
  • Inov-8’s patented sticky rubber compound in the 3mm outsole offers maximum surface area coverage for less separation between the surface and foot
  • The updated Rope-Tec feature promotes excellent durability and traction needed to get a firm grip during routines that involve rope climbing
  • Presence of the Italian rubber toe bumper for the optimal protection of the feet


  • Removable sole slides when worn
  • Narrow toe box

6. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

The Nano Crossfit Shoe came into existence in 2010 to meet the needs of the Crossfit community.

It is a product from Reebok that offers dependability, versatility, and maximum comfort.

This is possible because of the intensive research conducted before and during its production.

The Flexweave upper construction, alongside its in-built support system, promotes stability, durability, and breathability.

The low-cut design of Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker gives you unparalleled comfort and mobility, thus, keeping you active on your feet for a long. The high-abrasion rubber outsole also adds durability.


  • The new heel bootie construction offers maximum performance comfort
  • Use of toe protection technology for durability in the toe area during high-intensity workouts
  • It has flex grooves in the forefoot for extra cushioning and flexibility
  • The minimal drop outsole secures your feet, firmly promoting stability
  • Use of a wide toe box for a comfortable fit, promoting steady movements
  • It is available in 17 colors


  • Poor quality control leads to some users receiving defective products
  • Sizing issues: depending on the shape of your feet, you should order a size up or down

7. ASICS Men’s Gel-Quantum 180 TR Cross-Trainer Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Quantum 180 TR Cross-Trainer Shoe

Since ASICS founded to promote fitness and total health, it is not a surprise that the Men’s Gel-Quantum 180 TR Cross-Trainer Shoe meets and surpasses its reason for being.

The use of the Solyte midsole material and a gel technology ensures optimal protection and cushioning, giving you the required peace of mind, no matter the surfaces on your cardio classes are being performed.

With a no-sew material used to line the upper forefoot area, you enjoy excellent breathability and stability when performing rapid movements or strenuous activities.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Quantum 180 TR Cross-Trainer Shoe gives the perfect support needed during lateral movements.


  • The use of rearfoot and forefoot GEL technology cushioning system to absorb shock during impact
  • A full-length Trusstic System helps to lower the weight of the sole unit and enhances stability while maintaining the shoe’s structural integrity
  • Use of AHAR Plus in critical areas of the outsole, thereby increasing its durability
  • The mesh and synthetic leather upper are comfortable, breathable, and lightweight; they enhance the fit and performance
  • Extra durability in the mesh, thanks to the reinforced vamp (thin seamless underlay)
  • Available in 11 colors


  • The toe box is narrow
  • It does not have a firm grip on wet floors

What to Look for When Buying Shoes for Dance Cardio?

What do you do to ensure you don’t stop your Dance Cardio session because of pains or end the class with your foot all swollen?

The answer is simple: you need to have shoes that have the essential features to keep your feet in good condition always.

What are these features?

Shoe Fitting

Since Dance Cardio involves switching movements always, it is essential to choose shoes that give you a snug and secure fit.

To get the perfect fit, the best shoes for aerobic dance should have laces or Velcro.

These types can be easily adjusted for a custom fit when needed without cutting off blood circulation to your ankles.

The right fit is necessary to keep your toes and feet comfortable all day.


Like other dance types, it is important to remain comfortable during a workout session by wearing only the best shoes for Dance Cardio.

Such shoes will have all the essential features in the right places.

Overall, it should have a well-cushioned insole and midsole, extra cushioning of the heel area for shock absorption, and enough padding in the tongue and collar area.

When combined, these features will help prevent irritation or blisters.


To prevent your feet from becoming sweaty during your Cardio Dance sessions, they should have adequate ventilation.

You should shop for shoes made with breathable materials that easily promote the inflow and outflow of air.

Features to note are the use of mesh materials, adequate holes or vents, etc.

With this in place, your feet will stay dry, thus keeping smells that can cause bacteria build-up away from your shoes.

Shoe Sizing

Your shoe should be of the right size to get and stay comfortable during Dance Cardio sessions. To emphasize, it is also vital to put on the right size of shoes that fits the shape of your fit.

If you are shopping online, kindly go for a professional fitting session in-store to know your actual size before placing your order.

The shoe should have enough wiggle room for your toes without feeling squeamish. This feature is crucial to preventing swellings and similar discomforts.

Doing so will save you the stress of return orders or, worse, damage your feet when you wear the wrong size.


Dance Cardio involves a lot of swift movements and transitions, which can only be achieved by wearing sneakers that are light on the feet.

As such, a heavy pair of shoes will not allow you to make these maneuvers with ease because they lack the required flexibility.

This feature should rank high when making a final selection from the brands reviewed above.

Best Shoes for Dance Cardio 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you need special shoes for Dance Cardio?

A. Since Dance Cardio involves lots of fast lifting, moving, pivoting, etc., you need a pair of shoes that will help you sustain the fast pace without missing out on the beats or injuring yourself.

In other words, you must seek out the right type of shoes to help you achieve your fitness goals. Said otherwise, your shoe must be lightweight, breathable, and able to provide the support and stability you need always.

Q. Is traction important in making your choice of Dance Cardio shoes?

A. Yes! Traction is a vital factor in selecting the best shoes for cardio dance. This is crucial because you must have a firm grip on all surfaces, so you don’t end up on your face while working out.

This is why your best options are shoes with a rubber outsole that can quickly stick to surfaces.

The right traction in your shoes will save your feet, ankle, and lower back from injuries.

Q. Why do you need a pivot point in shoes for Dance Cardio?

A. Having a pivot point in any of the best sneakers for dance cardio will assist you in turning without stress when practicing a variety of stances.

Frequent turning without a firm grip on the surface will make you prone to injuries; so, having a pivot point on the outsole of your shoe is very helpful when executing abrupt twists and turns.

Q. Why Cardio Dance?

A. Well, this is a fun way of having a total body workout whereby you can tone and shape your muscles using high and low-impact moves.

It is an excellent way of maintaining a great body shape and keeping healthy, at the same time.

Whether you are a fitness buff or a newbie in the game, you will find it exhilarating, energetic, and a better way of improving your rhythm and coordination when walking or running.

Q. How do you pick the best fit for your feet?

A. Since there are different brands of shoes for Cardio Dance, you have to consider the essential features that you require to stay comfortable, balanced, and flexible when making your transitions.

Having this knowledge will help you make the best decision without neglecting the quality, price, intensity, and frequency of use.

This understanding will guide you in the process of buying a pair that will help you to achieve your goals rather than harm your feet.


If your regular workout routine is becoming a bore, you can get back into action through Cardio Dance classes, given that they are fun, motivating, and have a way of boosting brainpower.

The decision to also elevate your mood with Dance Cardio, however, can get thwarted if you are putting on footwear that does not allow you to move your feet properly to the beat of the music.

Also, making attempts to switch movements can become a difficult task if your shoes are heavy or ill-fitting.

This review of different models suitable for Dance Cardio from Ryka, ASICS, Zumba, Under Armour, INOV-8, Reebok, and Adidas will help you make the best choices that will give you value for money.

Putting on any of the best shoes for the cardio dance outlined will make your day. If you are a hip hop dancer, check out our top picks for hip hop dance shoes.