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The 5 Best Shoes for Mail Carriers in 2023

Postal mail carriers are crucial to the smooth running of modern society. And they deserve the best footwear to help them to complete their shift without a break.

So, you are a mailman and curious if wearing the wrong postal shoe will affect your performance? No worries, you’re in right page. We have spent quality time on researching the features that make the 5 best shoes for mail carriers stand out.

The right shoe, on the other hand, will help you stay comfortable, stable, and agile.

This research has shown what makes them a favorite among the many other shoes designed for postal workers.

Who wears the crown among the best Letter Carrier Shoes in the market?

Let’s find out below!

What kind of shoes do postal workers wear?

Must be U.S postal service-approved (Green tag with “SR/USA” written on it)

  • Shoes with superior arch support to stand and walk all day
  • Shoes which are breathable and comfy insoles
  • Right in size, not too loose or not too snug
  • Shock absorption features with good cushioning and durability

Best Shoes for Mail Carriers: Guide and Review

What are the best shoes for mail carriers? Want to know the answer, just take look on the following table if you’re short on time and to get detailed review; keep scrolling.

NamePriceMade of
New Balance Men's Walking ShoeSee On Amazon
Leather and Synthetic, Rubber Sole
Reebok Work Men's Postal Express CP8500 Work BootSee On AmazonLeather, Synthetic Sole
Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Plain Toe Oxford ShoeSee On Amazon
Leather, Synthetic Sole
Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty BootsSee On Amazon
Leather, Synthetic Sole
Reebok Postal TCT ShoeSee On AmazonLeather, Rubber Sole

1. New Balance Men’s Walking Shoe

New Balance Men's Walking Shoe

Mail carriers spend a lot of time standing on their feet or moving from place to place. The good news is New Balance Men’s walking shoe comes in handy, considering all the features you need to stay comfortable all day long.

Thanks to the polyurethane or C-CAP midsole, you will find bliss in the lightweight cushioning and durable materials it is made from. This pair also offers an ABZORB cushioning in the midsole to keep moisture away.

Using an open-cell foam that conforms to your foot shape and dissipates pressure with a 13 mm drop makes it perfect for people who walk a lot.

A breathable leather upper, high-quality foam insert, and rubber sole provide the necessary comfort and support required.


  • The breathable leather upper makes it comfortable to walk around in
  • A wide toe box keeps the toes comfortable
  • The polyurethane midsole has adequate cushioning to aid shock absorption
  • The break-in period is short
  • It is U.S postal service-approved
  • It is oil- and slip-resistant


  • Incomplete and misaligned holes in the top lace holes
  • The sizes run small

New Balance Men’s Walking Shoes are the best shoes for postal workers because of their quality, comfort, and dependability.

2. Reebok Work Men’s Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot

Reebok Work Men's Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot

Since 2005, Reebok has become a formidable force in the sports and fitness footwear industry. It is thus not a surprise that they have a product for mail carriers too.

This postal shoe from Reebok is built to help you stay agile on your feet all day. Thanks to its excellent shock absorption capabilities and superb cushioning features.

The removable PI-1000 cushion insert, shock-eliminator heel cushion, will keep you comfortable while walking.

Your feet are safe from external elements with the high-top design, while the MIL- 22 moisture-wicking linings will help to keep them dry and free from bad odor.


  • It is a security-friendly pair of shoes
  • It is USPS-certified
  • The soft toe feature makes it light and flexible
  • The outsole is oil/abrasion/chemicals/slip-resistant
  • It does not have a break-in time
  • They can easily fit true to size with the lace-up frontal
  • The maximum-Lite PU outsole is durable, yet, light on the feet
  • High-top design offers ankle support and protection from stress
  • It is available in different sizes to fit every foot type


  • As you move around on pavements, concrete, wet, snowy, and oily terrain daily, it will offer your feet the protection you need to stay on the job.

The style and comfort that Reebok Work Men’s Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot offer; makes it highly recommended as one of the best shoes for mail carriers.

3. Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Plain Toe Oxford Shoe

Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Plain Toe Oxford Shoe

This plain-toe oxford shoe from Rocky is ideal for any mail carrier who wants a shoe allowing him to do his duties without any discomfort.

The sleek and straightforward design speaks of practicality and quality.

Featuring a full-grain water-resistant leather and non-metallic stabilizer; your feet will receive the needed support and protection required in this high-intensity job.

The oil- and slip-resistance TMC direct-attach TPU/PU outsole offer stability and flexibility. So you needn’t worry about slipping, no matter how wide your stride is.

Your feet will enjoy contoured comfort owing to the exclusive Rocky Air-Port cushion footbed in it. Especially when walking on pavement or concrete.


  • A lightweight polyurethane material to promote flexibility in movement
  • Presence of Aegis Microbe Shield for unmatched durability
  • Possesses the SR USA postal approval
  • 100% leather quality makes it easy to polish
  • The sizes fit well, but you can get a snug fit by putting on thick socks
  • It has a fast break-in period
  • Air-port cushioning footbed makes it comfortable to stand in for long without having back pains
  • Functional lining that wicks moisture away, keeping your feet dry all-day


  • It has a clunky feel
  • It is expensive

With the 1.5″ heel, 1.0″ platform, and 4″ height, it is easy to pair with any work pants, and thus maintain a professional look at work.

Wearing Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Plain Toe Oxford Shoe will save you the stress of managing aching feet, back muscle pain, or sore leg after spending the whole day on your feet.

4. Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty Boots

Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty Boots

This pair of comfortable shoes from Rocky will give you optimal support and protect your feet from swelling as you walk or stand on your feet.

Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty Boots is a berry-compliant pair of shoes that gives you the comfort you need to focus on completing your task at work.

This is possible thanks to the non-metallic stabilizer that provides the support to stay steady and balanced in uneven terrains.

You need not worry about your feet getting wet when you wade through water considering the 5″ water-resistant full-grain black leather shoe.


  • Use of a TMC direct attach TPU/PU outsole for optimal flexibility and stability
  • The slip- and oil-resistant outsole guarantees protection from falls
  • The non-metallic stabilizer allows you to pass through metal detectors or scanners without delay
  • Presence of Aegis Microbe shield in the footbed to prevent bacterial build-up
  • Use of Rocky Air-port cushioned footbed to cradle your feet
  • Exceptional quality at an affordable price
  • It is SR/USA approved


  • Lack of a removable insole
  • Low-quality outsole
  • Size runs small

Investing in a pair of Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty Boots will help you to sustain your agility and balanced strides, as well as help preserve your feet given the comfortable ankle support it provides.

This pair will serve you well as the perfect dress shoe for moments when you need to be formal in your outlook.

5. Reebok Postal TCT Shoe

Reebok Postal TCT Shoe

Are you in need of a classic postal-approved shoe with a soft toe that will see you through a long day at work?

The Reebok Postal TCT Shoe qualifies for that position!

The uniqueness of this shoe is seen in the waterproof seam-sealed system. It will keep your feet dry and free from irritation during runs in wet weather conditions.

Using durable leather for the upper during construction makes it long-lasting, no matter the number of hours spent on the job.

The dual-density polyurethane outsole, removable PI-1000 Cushion Insert with Shock Eliminator Heel cushion promotes comfort, stability, and balance when moving around to deliver your packages.


  • The presence of a moisture-wicking lining removes sweat, keeping your feet dry and cool
  • 100% non-metallic feature makes it the footwear of choice when going to places where there are metal detectors
  • Total Cushioning Technology and toe-stitching features aid flexibility and help reduce the impact of shock from external forces
  • Removable insoles will allow you to add custom orthotics for a snug and comfortable fit
  • The rubber outsole is oil- and slip-resistant
  • It does not have a break-in period
  • It is USPS-certified and security-friendly


  • The seams come apart within a few months of use when compared to other alternatives

Reebok Postal TCT Shoe is a durable and well-constructed pair with a lot of wriggling room for your toes, making it ideal for mail carriers.

This brand will save you the expense of spending money replacing your shoes all the time, and you can use it as an outdoor shoe also.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Mail Carriers: Buyer Guide

The postal mail service is a fantastic job that requires constant movement from place to place delivering mail. As a mail carrier, you need the perfect shoe to help you go about your job smoothly. Even Benjamin Franklin, the renowned mail carrier, can attest that the right shoe can increase your performance.

Thus, you can efficiently complete your work shift with the right shoes without stressing your feet. There are various shoe designs in the market, and choosing the right pair can be quite challenging. Hence, we’ve provided you with some essential things that you should look out for when choosing the best mail carriers’ shoes.


The right shoe size can help you do a fantastic job, as you deliver mails from place to place. Finding the perfect shoe size for a mail carrier can be challenging but not impossible. It would be beneficial to look out for shoes that fit perfectly, not tight, and not too free.


Mail carriers have a lot to deal with as they go about their day-to-day work activities. It would be advantageous if you provide your feet with the right comfort they need as you move about. You can save some energy if you don’t have to deal with shoes that cause so much discomfort.

Since you have to be up all day as you deliver mails, you should wear shoes that prevent your feet from falling, excessive pressure, and fatigue. Get shoes that provide the right comfort that relaxes your feet and helps you focus on the task ahead.

Safety Features

Mail carriers require shoes that can protect their feet from various possible hazards during work hours. Shoes approved by the US Postal Service are resistant to dust and water and have enough cushion to keep your feet comfortable. These shoes can help absorb shock, keep you safe, and protect you from possible environmental harm.


As a mail carrier, try to invest in long-lasting shoes that would serve their purpose for a long time. Do not just go for the cheapest pairs out there; try to get high-quality products, that are durable. The best shoes for mail carriers are designed to withstand rigorous standing and work for an extended time.


The weight of shoes can impact your entire movement, as heavy shoes can slow you down. To meet up with your mail delivery, you need to be as swift as possible and agile. Thus, it would help get shoes that come in the right weight (lightweight) and provide enough flexibility for your movement.


As you go about your mail delivery job, you move from place to place with different terrains. Having a pair of shoes that provide enough traction would be beneficial. Thus, you should check the soles of these shoes and ensure that they are slip-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why should postal or mailman shoes be specially designed for the job?

A: These are work shoes that can withstand all weather conditions and keep your feet safe in a work-related accident scenario.

You can easily identify them with the SR/USA green tag printed on them.

A postal man’s shoe is black and must be well-polish to meet the approval standard of the postal service.

It is part of the mail carrier dress code, and you must be compliant at all times.

Q: Why do you need mail carrier shoes?

A: Working as a mail carrier requires spending long hours standing on your feet and lots of walking around. As such, you need to put on proper footwear.

Postal-approved footwear has all the features to help you enjoy your job without experiencing swollen feet, back pain, and a host of other foot-induced conditions.

You need to always shop for brands that have envisioned your needs or challenges; And made adequate preparation to solve or meet them so that your job will not suffer a setback due to feet-related stress issues.

Q: How do you identify an approved mail-carrier shoe?

A: A postal shoe is approved by a certifying body before getting the ‘green tag‘ and then introduced to the market for postal workers.

Q: What qualifies them for the green tag?

A: The mail carrier shoe should be made from water-resistant black leather uppers, and should be slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and possess a waterproof lining.

The green tag will have ‘SR/USA’ written on it.

Most of the best shoes for mail carriers approved by the regulatory body get reevaluated every 3 years to ensure they are maintaining industry standards.

Q: How do you ensure you wear approved shoes designed for mail carriers?

A: You have to bear in mind that wearing the wrong shoe as a postal worker will eventually take its toll on your body.

Therefore, ensure you buy shoes that are of good quality and safe for the health of your foot.

When choosing the best mailman shoes, let the materials used, design, and comfortability level be your major determinants.

Never compromise on price and quality!

Although challenging, getting only quality shoes is as crucial as getting the right size and fitting since you will be moving a lot on concrete and paved surfaces, which will take its toll on your shoes.

Q: How do you maintain your mail carrier shoes?

A: First and foremost, buy and wear the right size!

Wear a pair of socks with your shoes to keep them in a dry condition always. Wet feet open opportunities for bacteria to breed and will also cause bad smells. Both unwanted cases damage shoes fast and are harmful to your feet as well.

Thus, do the following;

  • Take it out to dry after work to eliminate bad smells
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe clean if you step in water or are covered in debris, dirt, or mud

It is essential to have more than a pair to interchange with. Doing so will enhance durability.

Q: Where can you buy mail carrier shoes?

A: You can purchase your mail carrier-approved shoes online or at any local store. Make sure that they have any of the brands highlighted in this article.

What you need to do is ensure that they have the features you require as a postal worker. And you can also check reviews from users before making your pick.


As a mail carrier, your comfort and safety are important for you to be able to fulfill your role when delivering letters, parcels, or packages.

Keeping in mind you will have to wear a pair of shoes that offers you all the features you need.

New Balance, Reebok, and Rocky have got your back when it comes to the best shoes for mail carriers. These shoes will give you the ankle and arch support needed while moving around. Here you find more arch support work boots. No matter what the topography of your work area is, the right pair of shoes will serve you well.

From now on, you won’t get into trouble with your supervisor for wearing unapproved footwear to work.