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The 5 Best Shoes for Pilots in 2023

You cannot disagree with the fact that a sharp-looking pilot has a better impression on the passengers. And to complete your polished look, a pair of best shoes for pilots is a must-have!

A pilot doesn’t necessarily have to take much toil by their feet. Flying is not a foot job, after all. However, sitting for hours and handling unlikely situations requires comfortable footwear with unique features.

Well, yes, you cannot expect to be working as a pilot with your everyday shoes. You have to be ready to face a wide variety of circumstances each day. And without an efficient grip of your shoes or relaxing experience, would you be able to give your 100%? Well, I don’t think so.

But finding the one right pair can be a tough job for a busy person like you. If you ask for a couple that has classy looks and amazing wearable qualities, then I’d say the ECCO Men’s Helsinki would be my personal favorite. However, to match your standards, you would need to take a look at all the top choices. So, let’s begin the search for the perfect pair!

Best Shoes for Pilots in 2020

1. Rockport Men’s Leader 2 Bike Slip-On 4.4

Rockport Men's Leader 2 Bike Slip-On 4.4

You might be wondering why we have listed it at the top. Well, it is because of the astounding quality that has led this pair to become a favorite choice among users. Let’s have a brief overview of footwear.

Guaranteed waterproof quality: As a pilot, you may have to face several unwelcoming situations, and so you have to prepare yourself for taking the toil! What if you accidentally spill water on them, you can’t wear most shoes for the whole day. In such cases, waterproof footwear like this one is a much need accessory.

Comfortable sole: To reduce the chances of foot fatigue, you better need highly comfortable footwear. With more cushion support and a secured sole, you can wear this pair for a longer time.

Quality leather structure: When you are a considerable amount of your earnings on a high-end shoe, you would surely expect it to last longer. And the actual, soft leather making of this one ensures durability and elegance.

Eva footbed: With Eva footbed, the shoe can absorb shocks as well. The foam insoles fit quite well to the feet. 

Convenient design: Being a pilot isn’t an easy job. You may need to do relentless hard work for hours. Hence, simplicity is what you require. The easy slip-on design of the footwear allows zero hassle of tying or re-tying the laces.

The best thing about this product is the supreme comfort it provides within the classy yet straightforward leather structure. If this doesn’t tick your boxes of choice, let’s view the other ones. Shall we?


  • Eva outsole provides a shock-proof experience
  • Keeps the feet dry
  • Flexible structure allows smooth foot movement
  • Lightweight
  • Cushions providing more foot support
  • Comfortable manufacture for day-long use
  • Classy look to match your classy profession


  • You may experience slight fitting issues.

2. ECCO Men’s Helsinki Plain Toe Dress Oxford

ECCO Men's Helsinki Plain Toe Dress Oxford

Yes, your profession might keep you in a rush at all times. You may have to take on the struggles all the time. But for those who do not want to compromise their looks and comfort as well, the ECCO Helsinki may be the right choice!

Flexible rubber sole: For a whole day of comfortable, relaxed wear, the rubber sole offers adequate flexibility. It even has shock-absorption qualities for protecting against any sudden dangers.

Quality construction: A slight difference between this pair with similar ones lies in its squared toe-area design. With more room for your toes, no need to squeeze and squinch them anymore!

PU outsole absorbing shocks: the outsole has shock points for ensuring safe wear.

Removable insole: If you are having issues with the insole, you even have the scope to remove it and replace it properly once again. No place for discomfort for this pair!

Full leather structure: The complete leather design ticks the durability box on your list! And also, the mesh lining is anti-fungal as well as moisture absorbent. Keep your feet fresh and free from toxins!

To keep your feet healthy and fresh even after tiring hours of work, this pair is quite demanding. Has it impressed you too?


  • Does not include any metal parts avoiding usage hazards
  • Ensures comfortable wear
  • Surprisingly great traction
  • The anti-fungal lining prevents fungal accumulation.
  • Lightweight
  • Enough room offering a flexible wear


  • Involves tying laces which may not be preferable to some users

3. Dr. Martens – 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe

Dr. Martens - 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe

As you look for the utmost comfort and stylish looks, the Dr. Martens Leather Oxford shoe stands tall. But they’re so many other significant facts about the pump. Why not take a look at the features to get an idea?

 Premium leather quality: The manufacturers have used the highest quality leather in producing the pair. It is a classic design to suit your high profession!

Air-cushioned outsole: The outsole is not only highly comfortable but also it protects against any fat or oil accumulation. It confirms no tripping or slipping.

Comfortable footbed: The footbed has a relaxing structure. It is designed with light cushioning leather, which provides better underfoot support.

Lace-up mechanism: The traditional lace-up was not eliminated from this one. Well, not all lace-free designs provide a better look. And some even have fitting issues. Hence, to secure the fit, the footwear includes lacing.

Standard stitching quality: The surface and sole do not let in more heat so you can wear them for more time. Also, with the Z-welt stitching, you can notice how well-made the pair is. So, no worries for quick worn out at all!

This one can be a suitable choice for users asking for unconditional foot support and comfort. Also, for the ones looking for a bit of uniqueness to the classic design!


  • A classic design for jaw-dropping reaction
  • Lace-up offers a total secured fit
  • Classic Z-welt stitching ensures durability
  • Cushioned footbed confirms underfoot relaxation
  • The lining provides breathability and comfort
  • Slip-resistant wear for hazard-free usage
  • The outsole offers good abrasion
  • Grooved sole for a better fit


  • Can most likely get cracks with rapid use

4. Hush Puppies Men’s Strategy Oxford

Hush Puppies Men's Strategy Oxford

For everyday wear at your workplace, you wouldn’t find a better option in shoes that has several useful properties. The Hush Puppies Oxford shoes are indeed a choice for men of class!

Synthetic sole: If you are investing some good bucks in your shoes, you need to make sure it will go along with you. And hence, you can feel a bit relaxed with the synthetic sole in this footwear regarding its durability.

Removable contoured footbed: The EVA footbed is well-contoured, movable, and covered with leather. Hence, that’s a check for longer-lasting, comfort, and better foot support.

Resisting effects of harsh weather: it has a new fabric vamp lining that offers comfort even in the varying weather.

Unique gel heel pad: This smart addition to the design allows extra cushioning during heel strike. And for midfoot support, the collar and the padded work great!

Waterproof construction: Water spilling cannot harm this magnificent pair in any way. And with the polyurethane outsole, save yourself from sudden shocks.

I want to recommend this one because it has minimal flaws, and the previous users have loved this pair!


  • Enough cushioning around the ankle part for protection against foot fatigue
  • Rigid stitching prevents any sort of water insertion
  • Added cushioning for heel strike
  • Padded instep for relaxed wear
  • Protection against climate changes
  • The outsole benefits you with shock-absorbent quality.


  • The textured surface may take longer to remove the grease off the shoes.

5. Merrell Men’s Sight

Merrell Men's Sight

Merrell has gained popularity among the best footwear manufacturers. But with the high-fashion breathable design, the Merrell Men’s Sight continues to become user favorite over time.

Higher heels: The better gripping and bouncy heels will work to keep you active throughout the day. You don’t have to do much of the footwork. Yet, after being done with your work, this ensures you do not go through foot fatigue.

Ortholite footbed: The anatomical footbed will make you fill relaxed throughout the hours of the planned journey. And also, it will keep your feet healthy.

Vibram rubber outsole: For ensuring a better grip, the Vibram rubber sole is an excellent addition. You need to grip on and handle a whole plane; then, you need some extra support as well.

Cushioned EVA midsole: Even in the clumsiest situations, the supportive midsole will render maximum support. Hence, no contracting feet experience!

Constructed with full-grain leather: Combining mesh surface with full-grain leather, it ensures breathability, flexibility, and also durability! It even has an anti-microbial treatment on the lining to keep your feet fresh for hours!

If you are looking forward to changing styles without compromising the necessary features, then this one should be suitable for you.


  • Perfect for traveling
  • Mesh upper along with full-grain leather structure allows enough breathability
  • Keeps the foot moist-free and fresh
  • Enough foot support
  • High-end modern design
  • Better grip with rubber outsole
  • Nylon arch shank for better footrest


  • Common issues involve fitting problems.
  • The lace-up system may take more time.

Things to Consider While Buying Shoes for Pilots

Well, yes, we have reviewed what we thought were the best shoes for pilots. But, after all, it’s your preference that matters.

And to help you choose the best pair for you, we have made a list of the following points that must be considered before a strict choice. Take a look!

Comfort: You might say it’s only a matter of a few hours, and that also doesn’t need much footwork. But imagine sitting in the same rigid position for hours in an uncomfortable shoe. Wouldn’t it just make the situation much worse?

There is something called gravitational edema that is considerable for pilots. Sitting with a pair of shoes that are too tight or too loose can lead to unexpected swelling of the feet. That is not one pleasant experience at all!

Hence, enough cushioning, the right size of shoes, fine leather texture, and excellent footbed support are necessary. If we ensure the inclusion of these points, then footwear comfort is ensured!

Another thing to consider might be the anti-moisture factor. You don’t want your feet to be moist and warm, because that would lead to an unbearable situation.

Traction: This implies the shoe outsole. As a pilot, you face a variety of unpleasant conditions while flying the plane. To get a better grip on the flight, you need to have a better grasp on your feet first.

With sudden air movement changes in the atmosphere, it is quite possible to face difficult situations that need better handling. Hence, better traction support is more like a safety measure for you and your passengers as well!

Fit: You wouldn’t spend your bucks on an expensive shoe that does not fit you properly.

There is both lace-up and slip-on system found in these pilot shoes. No matter which one you prefer, you need to make sure you have the right size in hand.

Support: This implies footbed support for the underfoot or the midfoot. Yes, you need to have enough room for the stretching of your toes or flexibility. But along with it, you need to make sure your feet are comfortably placed in the shoes.

A light cushioned footbed Nylon shank can deliver support for both the underfoot and midfoot, respectively. You need to be sure that your footwear supports the movement of your feet without confining or cramping.

Stability: The stability will be confirmed if your footwear allows no tripping or slipping. A good grip on the outsole can prevent slipping.

For instance, the Merrell Men’s Sight has a Vibram rubber outsole. It undoubtedly offers a better grip on the surface, even on slippery surfaces!

Stability: The stability will be confirmed if your footwear allows no tripping or slipping. A good grip on the outsole can prevent slipping.

For instance, the Merrell Men’s Sight has a Vibram rubber outsole. It undoubtedly offers a better grip on the surface, even on slippery surfaces!

Complying with the official rules: Some airlines provide guidelines for employee attire. Most likely, you are going to have a uniform on you as a pilot. But for footwear, some airlines prefer classic polished shoes, and some are okay with even the modern designs that make you feel relaxed in them.

Hence, before the choice, you must make sure that the features comply with your airline standards.

Safety: As a precaution against unknown and unpleasant circumstances, a few safety features were added to these shoes. It may include a waterproof construction or shock points to restrict or absorb sudden shocks.

If you can tick these boxes of requirements, before you get your sleek pair of shoes, that would be enough to get you to your dream footwear!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Polyurethane sole or synthetic sole? Which one is better?

– According to the expert, PU soles have more exceptional durability compared to other ones. Hence, settling for them is a better option.

Q. How do I know if the shoes are waterproof apart from the manufacturer’s claim?

– If you observe well, you will see all the stitches are correctly done and sealed, that’s when you know the shoes are waterproof.

Q. Which leather type is the best for such footwear?

– Full-grain leather, also known as genuine leather, is more stable, sturdy, and durable. These qualities undoubtedly make it the best.

Q. Can I wear shoes without socks?

– We suggest putting on socks before the shoes. It keeps your feet warm and also takes care of circulation.

Q. Is a squared toe box a must for comfort?

– Well, even though it’s more like a sitter job for the pilots, you would need a little stretching to prevent cramping of your toes. And also to take a walk, you will need comfort as well. If not a squared toe box, we prefer a roomy toe box.

Q. How to prevent swelling of feet due to sitting for long?

– Make sure your shoes aren’t a size smaller or bigger. And also, you may take short walks after intervals as well.


As we mentioned in the beginning, stylish looks combined with comfortable wearing experience is what makes up the best shoes for flying for you.

The reviews of the best aviation shoes and guidelines for finding suitable pairs are up! I’m sure by now, you know what you need to quest in your airline pilot’s shoes, even if previously your mind was troubled with unclear thoughts. 

Now, all you need is a list of your requirements. Tick the boxes with a broader comparison with the best shoes for pilots to find your desired footwear for flying!

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