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7 Best Shoes to Wear with Sprained Ankle – Tested & Reviewed

Getting comfy shoes could be challenging. And when you’ve got to deal with a sprained ankle, getting snug footwear becomes a lot harder without correct info. 

And the problem isn’t with you. It’s due to the tons of products out there!

A lot of companies now produce shoes and aren’t shy to stamp’ top quality’ all over their product packaging. 

But you’ve got to get a quick heads-up. Only a few shoes can give you the comfort you need. 

To avoid any heart-wrenching experience from ankle relief shoes, you need correct facts. And as you’d have it, that’s what you’ll get right here!

Every detail you need to make an informed choice for the best shoes to wear with sprained ankle is right here. 

Best Shoes to Wear with Sprained Ankle

If you’re in a hurry to make the best choice, check out the ASICS Women’s Running Shoe. If you’re a fussy buyer, just keep scrolling down; we reviewed 7 more best shoes to wear with sprained ankle 

1. ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

The ASICS Women’s Running Shoe could be what you’ve been looking for to stave off that ankle pain. These shoes will help your feet with its flexibility and improved features.

It comes with a high-abrasion sole, which focuses on getting a better grip on a wide range of surfaces. A trail-focused outsole also supports smooth movement across multiple surfaces.

Its top design also features highly-breathable, mesh-designed material for more extended comfort. This shoe’s upper, runner, and arch are all made extra flexible to give you better legroom.

If you’ve got to handle that ankle pain with the aid of orthotics, this shoe’s got what you need. It sports a removable sock-liner, which creates ample space for orthotic support.


  • Foam sock-liner increases orthotic support potential
  • GEL cushion system for greater wearing comfort
  • High-abrasion rubber sole improves traction and limits slips
  • Durable outsole enhances grip
  • Breathable runner and upper for increased airflow


  • Shoes may lose traction potential when you’re running. Solve this by ensuring you don’t use them in areas with high chances of slipping.
  • Size issues may arise. You could get this solved by ordering a size higher.

If you’ve been in search of running shoes that don’t hurt your ankles, it could be a great option to get this shoe. The shoes got a lot of great stuff included. Do be careful though, as it could lose grip potential when you’re at high speed.

2. RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

For a buyer on a tight budget, this cross-trainer could be the perfect pick. There’s nothing lost on this shoe’s quality based on its low price.

It comes made from synthetic material, ensuring greater flexibility. Since you’ve got a sprained ankle to handle, this feature will do you a world of good.

And since it’s likely you’d be wearing these for long, a breathable mesh features in this shoe, allowing airflow. Take note, the shoe’s breathable material allows water through when used in wet conditions.


  • Flex Foil and Direct Fuse build to support various leg sizes
  • Precise-Return foot bed for increased balance
  • Pivot-design sole construction for better feet support
  • 0.75″ heel for robust walking support
  • Rubber outsole improves grip potential


  • Sole padding may deplete with time causing aches under your feet. You can remedy this by adding an extra insole for increased robustness. The forefoot may require additional cushioning for comfort. You can get this solved by placing soft fabric into your shoe tip end.
  • May feel too spacious for some due to its flexible design. This can get handled by wearing extra-thick socks.

If you’re looking for an extra-flexible shoe, the rubber outsole and high heel support could provide excellent protection. It’s extra flexible and limits the chances of aggravating your ankle further.

3. New Balance Men’s MW759 Country Walking Shoe

If you’re in the market for a shoe with a rugged outer and comfortable inner design, check this out.

It features a WEB mid-foot support to hold your feet better. Most of the features in this shoe focus on getting the wearer increased comfort from forefoot to heel.

It sports an N-durance rubber outsole, which the makers attest to provide increased grip in slippery conditions.

Also, a C-CAP supportive midsole feature in this shoe aims to provide further comfort even in long-term use.


  • ABZORB shock-absorb feature for increased comfort
  • WEB mid-foot support for more excellent balance
  • N-durance Outsole designed for better grip protection
  • 13.9 oz. in weight for improved comfort
  • C-CAP midsole for increased durability


  • Narrow toe design may cause significant pain for wearers with large feet. Scaling up a size should solve this issue when placing an order.
  • Thin insoles cause discomfort in the long run. You’d be able to solve this with replacing with a thicker, more comfortable insole.

If you’ve been searching for sturdily-built footwear, this could be what you need. It’s recommended you get these shoes for lighter comfort. But be ready to spend a little extra on a durable insole if you’re to get full satisfaction from this shoe.

4. Hoka One One Mens Bondi 5 Running Shoe

You’ve got to check out a sole with optimal comfort assured when you need ankle relief. That’s why you should check out this running shoe.

The makers also have long-term comfort in mind. That’s why this shoe comes with a breathable top build and upper.

It also comes with extra cushioning, which boosts balance and relief with its Meta-Rocker midsole. This shoe also comes with a sturdy outsole build, which aims at limiting slips and maximizing grip potential.


  • Mesh-designed breathable upper for improved comfort
  • Ortho-Lite insole built for extra cushion support
  • EVA constructed midsole improves long-hour walk potential
  • Durable rubber outsole promotes greater flexibility
  • Comfortable ankle area support with a flexible, breathable material


  • Sole may detach without warning. You can get this fixed by sewing the shoe round or getting a quick-hardening epoxy glue to join it together.
  • Insole needs extra padding for comfort. Getting padded socks should solve this issue with ease.

While this shoe provides excellent support against shocks, its sole’s likely to fall off. It could pose a threat when walking in slippery conditions. Look elsewhere for improved sole support.

5. Clarks Men’s Vanek Mid Ankle Boot

To ensure adequate comfort for your sprained ankle, it’s an ideal option to consider getting this boot.

It features an ankle-high shaft capable of providing support for your ankles. Also, it comes with a durable outsole material, which boosts its grip potential.

Synthetic soles make your feet achieve greater flexibility during a walk. That’s why this shoe features an EVA sole, which is lightweight and allows more walking time. There’re other features this footwear provides, and all of them get laid out below;


  • 1.18″ heel for enormous feet balance
  • Durable leather top design
  • 3.5″ boot shaft build for increased ankle protection
  • EVA sole which assures extra-lightweight and usage ease
  • Ortho-Lite foot bed for improved leg comfort


  • Insole may cause significant discomfort over time. Adding a softer insole should improve this footwear’s comfort for long hours.
  • Arch may be too tight for some wearers. It could get solved with ordering a size up if you got large feet.

For improved feet comfort when going on a long walk, this shoe could be what you need. Its EVA sole and Ortho-Lite foot bed improves this shoe’s potential to assure long-term comfort.

6. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

Looking for a sleek design from comfortable ankle shoes? Here’s a great choice you can consider.

This shoe comes with a 5Gen design, increasing your chances of getting better ankle support. Since the midsole and inner layer of this shoe come cushioned, it’s less likely to make your ankle trouble worse.

It also comes with a breathable top layer that comes made in textiles. You can get this flexible textile covering in more than two dozen sizes to fit your feet.

To crown it all off, this shoe’s sole comes with a total synthetic build which aims to provide increased flexibility.


  • Mesh upper is breathable for enhanced airflow
  • 5Gen cushion improves comfort through the shoe
  • Lightweight, tightly-woven textile top build improves wearing ease and flexibility
  • Padded collar for improved wearing ease
  • Goga Max insole ensures greater heel comfort


  • Getting the right size could be challenging. For smaller feet, choosing a size down should be perfect. Wearers with bigger feet should go for a size larger than their regular shoes.
  • This shoe may come too tight around the mid-foot area. This issue could get solved with regular use or placing a large template to correct its tightness.

Get this joy walking shoe if you’re in need of extra flexibility and comfort, which assures comfort for your sprained ankle.

7. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Sonic Basketball Shoe

Under Armour has a knack for creating top-class footwear. And that’s what they’ve put together again with this HOVR shoe.

This shoe comes with a synthetic sole to allow better movement. It also features a high shaft, which maximizes protection for your ankle area. Cushioning comes added to this shoe’s ankle and underfoot area. And these supports come extra comfortable with breathable fabric coverings.

But as this shoe provides ample support, it could get wet and soggy based on its high breathable pores design.


  • Synthetic sole for maximum flexibility
  • High shaft creates ample ankle covering
  • Cushioning around the collar improves comfort and support
  • Mid-foot region designed with high-air potential mesh panel
  • EVA sock-liner for increased feet support
  • Textile upper with improved breathability potential


  • It doesn’t come in more than two colors. But since the color isn’t what you’re after, you could make a choice for matching black/white or white/black.
  • Ankle cushioning may get wobbly with regular use. Get this fixed with a pair of thick socks.

You could make this footwear your choice based on the ample cushioning it provides around its ankle area. But you could experience some wetness in this shoe with its breathable mid-foot panel.

Things to Consider While Buying Shoes to Wear with Sprained Ankle


Above all, comfort is paramount. If you can’t live with having those shoes on for a couple of hours or more, there’s no need to get them.

The best shoes to wear with sprained ankle shouldn’t generate too much heat. And most of all, it should have ample room for leg support.

Your perfect shoe should get to a good length over your ankles and assure maximum comfort.


Shoes that don’t fit tend to be frustrating and irritating at the same time. Get a shoe that feels right at every angle. Check out its fit on your toes, mid-foot, and ankles.


What your shoe comes made with determines the level of comfort you’ll get. It also improves or degrades your chosen shoe’s functions.

If you’re looking for an ankle shoe with adequate support for your feet, checking out what it’s made of is a perfect step.


If you’re looking for the best shoes for ankle support, ensuring stability is a must. When you’ve got nagging ankle issues to handle, you need a shoe with excellent balance potential.

With well-balanced footwear, it’s less likely you’ll aggravate the ankle injury any further. Getting highly-balanced shoes also improves the chances of getting full recovery from that ankle pain.

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The best sneakers for ankle support should provide an optimal level of flexibility. With a high elasticity level, it’s more comfortable to walk around in your chosen shoes for longer.

Flexible shoes also limit the chances of getting your ankles sprained any further.


Getting the best shoes to wear with a sprained ankle should involve you checking out its breathable potential.

A set of shoes with increased breathability assures greater airflow over long hours. If it’s possible to walk with your shoes for several hours and still feel comfy, then you’ve got the right stuff.


A significant factor you can’t ignore in any buying decision is the product’s cost. There’re so many shoes in the market right now. And the shoe market has a ton of varying prices based on shoe size, color, materials, quality, etc.

Making a choice for your perfect footwear should make you put your budget into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Shoes Should You Wear On a Sprained Ankle?

A: Your chosen footwear on a sprained ankle should have an overall soft inner layer. Also, it should possess the excellent potential to keep your legs fresh and limit aggravating more ankle trouble.

Q: Can I Wear High Heels After a Sprained Ankle?

Q: Wearing high heels after a sprained ankle is a poor choice. What you need after experiencing ankle trouble is a set of footwear that assures a well-rounded balance with a flat sole.

High heeled shoes are more likely to result in sprained ankles. So based on this, you’ve got to avoid them at all costs, at least, till you’ve recovered.

Q: Does Walking With a Sprained Ankle Aggravate the Injury?

Q: Walking on a sprained ankle has a low chance of making it worse with the right footwear. If you’ve got tight or high footwear on, then it could get worse in time.

Make an excellent choice for an ankle-relief shoe to make your walking more comfortable and risk-free.

Q: Can I Wear an Ankle Brace with Shoes On?

Q: The best shoes to wear with sprained ankle should possess orthotic support. Some footwear comes with adjustable shafts and sock-liners. You could fit an ankle brace in with relative ease.

Q: Tight Shoes, Are They Ideal for Ankle Support?

Q: When you’ve got to deal with an ankle sprain, tight shoes aren’t ideal. Wearing shoes that leave no room for flexible movement increases the chances of getting that ankle injury much worse.

Q: Do I Need a High or Low Shaft Ankle Support Shoe?

Q: High-shaft shoes are ideal for creating added protection for your feet. If you’re more likely to get aggravated ankles, getting a high-shaft support shoe should be your preference.

Low shaft shoes offer great support too and should be your choice for low ankle sprain relief.

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Picking ankle-relief footwear amongst tons of products could’ve resulted in you making an unsatisfying choice. Apart from that, looking through the entire collection of ankle-relief shoes in stores can be downright stressful.

But with only seven top products to choose from, your buying decision becomes a lot less confusing and more comfortable. How great is that!

These choices brought to your notice in this read have all the features you’ve been searching for to ease that ankle trouble.

Make a choice based on your budget and the comfort your intended choice provides. It’s guaranteed you’d find that relief your ankle needs, and a whole lot more!

Meta: If you’ve been on a heated search for the best shoes to wear with ankle pain, check out this unbiased review of top-class choices there right now!

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