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The 5 Best Surgical Clogs of 2023

Health professionals worldwide undergo grueling work sessions every day. During times of crisis, the pressure increases by a hundred folds. While some work in hygienic well-maintained four-walled closures of a city-based hospital, many others work using limited resources in unhealthy conditions of villages or beyond borders.

Most Caregivers and Health Practitioners work, on average, for 10-12 hours daily, and this statistic is based on pen and paper only. In reality, the figures are even higher. Doctors and nurses have several hours of back-bending OT duty, training, rounds, and patient counseling sessions, and not to mention bundles and pyramids of paperwork.

In between, they may face multiple occupational hazards—although simple as they may sound—falls, cuts, abrasions, exposure to toxic chemicals, and spillages of rotting body fluids, to name a few.

Additionally, most of these strenuous hours are passed by staying on foot. Operative procedures, observations, and paperwork are mostly done while remaining on standing postures. Studies have shown that standing for long hours at a stretch on a regular basis may cause permanent back pain and musculoskeletal disorders in the long run.

On a lighter note, unbelievable as it may sound, a simple solution to most of these ordeals could be a perfect set of footwear! What you read is correct. Shoes that fit snugly and are ventilating, save your feet from abrasions and microbial growth, moreover from the leg and lower back pains. A trendy footwear collection among doctors and nurses in recent times is surgical clogs. Inevitable clogs have vents, very easy to wear and wash, and highly comfortable. Clogs could also be worn in varied environments, be it marble floors or mud-covered terrains! After our research, check Our recommendation Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist II Clog.

In this article, we are going to list out some of the best clogs suitable for medical professionals. In the year 2020!

Best Surgical Clogs 2020

NamePriceMade of
Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist II ClogSee On Amazon
Croslite Material, Synthetic Sole
Merrell Men’s Encore Rexton Leather ClogSee On Amazon
Leather, Rubber Sole
Alegria Women’s Classic ClogSee On Amazon
Leather, Rubber Sole
Dansko Men’s Wynn Slip-On ClogSee On Amazon
Leather, Synthetic Sole
CALZURO Autoclavable Clog with Upper VentilationSee On Amazon
Leather, Rubber Sole

1. Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist II Clog

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist II Clog

Medical Health Professionals, especially surgeons, who are required to spend countless hours in an Operation Theatre and to lift heavy-weight equipment while staying on foot the whole time, may run several health risks themselves.

Problems may start with sore feet or muscle fatigue, to more significant health problems, for instance, varicose veins and permanent muscle fatigue.

Proper footwear may reverse the situation. Nowadays, surgical clogs are the ideal footwear for medical professionals. Keeping this in mind, Crocs have created Specialist Clogs, specially crafted to meet the rigor of the daily physical movement of doctors and nurses.


  • There is a thicker construction at the toe and metatarsal area, ensuring protection from harmful spills
  • Synthetic waterproof exterior
  • Contoured Footbed made of Croslite—massages the feet and enhances blood circulation, also keeps foot-heels soft and supple
  • The front metatarsal space is quite roomy– ensuring enough space for toe and nail movement and sufficient ventilation
  • Easy to clean—only soap and water is needed; for white ones, Clorox spray works wonders


  • Some individuals may experience sweaty feet—it is advised not to wear socks with clogs during summer and at hotter climates
  • Sole lacks adequate cushioning
  • It might be a bit difficult for international buyers to get a replacement if they have accidentally ordered the wrong fit
  • May cause static shocks at times

Reviews of this product by numerous customers have revealed that this pair can be worn with everlasting ease for years. Certainly, there are drawbacks in certain cases, but Crocs are always working towards producing better shoes each time a new version comes out.

2. Merrell Men’s Encore Rexton Leather Clog

Merrell Men’s Encore Rexton Leather Clog

These power-packed clogs by Merrell are highly resistant to wear and tear, and they are available in three different all-year-round colors, ‘Black,’ ‘Castlerock,’ and ‘Dark Earth.’ The names of the different colors remind you of nature, and indeed they have a close union with it.

Who knew once prehistoric wooden clogs would evolve into a revolutionary leather pair, which will be so robust in a structure that they could be used for mountaineering, hiking, or fast-running?

The 100% pure leather construction gives the pair an invincible look, and together with the rubber sole, they are perfect for climbing the jagged surface of a mountain or trailing for 5-6 hours on uneven terrains!


  • Authentic leather build
  • The platform of the shoe is 0.25 cm thick—gives the pair a stylish yet professional look
  • There is a faux fur lining in the collar for insulation during low temperatures
  • Uses Air Cushion Technology for an ultimate lightweight, float-in-the-air experience
  • Has kinetic-fit base—the insoles are contoured as the shape of your foot, gives maximum comfort
  • Microfiber Collar—to reduce “break-in” time


  • The microfiber collar goes a little loose after prolonged wear—so less ankle-stability
  • Certain individuals may find the clogs too big and floppy
  • Certain reviews have compared Rexton to Merrel’s Encore Gust, and have found Gust better
  • As Rexton has a microfiber collar, so during rigorous footings, the clogs may slip out of the feet

A huge plus point in the pair is the reduced “break-in” time, considering they are leather shoes. Certain individuals still find the Merrell’s last version Encore Gust more preferable in terms of fit and ankle-grip, and customer feedback is paramount for Merrell and they would surely be working on it.

3. Alegria Women’s Classic Clog

Alegria Women's Classic Clog

Hectic workloads that require women to remain in standing postures for hours on end can deteriorate a woman’s health in the years to come. A US study has shown that women who work for more than forty hours, carrying heavy loads in the process, run risks of lower fertility.

Additionally, back-breaking hours of conducting a surgical procedure, going on several rounds without a moment of relief in between, while wearing high-heels or shoes that do not fit very well, can adversely affect posture and musculoskeletal health.

For these female professionals, Alegria has created clogs that will give them comfort. As medical professionals are focused on patients all day, they might overlook slippery hazards on the floor. These clogs will then provide them an all-rounder cushioned protection.


  • Product is hand-stitched—eco-friendly and authentic-looking; highly appealing to individuals who like traditional collections
  • The sole is made of rubber therefore anti-slip and highly comfortable
  • The side-buckles are adjustable—ensures a good fit even during vigorous movements
  • Exterior and linings are pure leather—attractive, shiny finish, long-lasting
  • The insole is made of suede leather—efficient grip plus comfort
  • The material is stain-resistant—highly needed feature for medical professionals


  • Hand-stitched product may not appeal to all
  • Some users have complained about splits across the soul after using for one year only
  • Defective products are not accepted after 60 days—the time should be lengthened
  • Prices a bit too high for some; prices shown in Amazon do not include border fees and other shipment charges

Very easy to wear, these clogs will also save time in getting ready in the morning to go to work. Easy to wear means they are easy to remove as well—anytime an individual feels she needs to remove her shoes and let her toes breathe a little, she can do that and quickly slip back in them during emergencies and rushes.

4. Dansko Men’s Wynn Slip-On Clog

Dansko Men's Wynn Slip-On Clog

In every hospital, almost, at least 1/10 health professionals would be wearing clogs. Standing desks are quite notable these days to eliminate health risks posed by prolonged hours of sitting and doing desk work. But that raises a new question. Does standing for hours at a stretch ensure good health for men?

Human bodies are built for physical movement. Surgeons at OT are required to work on operative procedures by standing in the same posture for hours, which poses threats to their physical well-being. To add, work hours of male health professionals are so demanding that they barely get to preserve some time for a gym, which makes it even worse.

That’s where clogs come into action. With zero fuss of tying shoelaces or buckling up, these shoes are high for men at work.


  • Arch support is excellent— eliminates risks of ankle twist
  • 100% Leather exterior, evergreen colors—stylish, professional, long-lasting
  • Sole is synthetic—highly comfortable
  • Collars are padded for efficient grip and comfort
  • The footbeds are contoured
  • Easy to shoe-polish


  • Leather scuffs up very easily when shoes hit sharp metallic surfaces
  • The shoes might be a bit heavy and clumpy for some
  • The high-heels may make fast movements a bit uncomfortable
  • Insoles might not be super long-lasting

Breaking into leather shoes had always been an issue for leather lovers, but once you do, it’s all style and comfort. Dansco is a trusted name among professionals worldwide.

5. CALZURO Autoclavable Clog with Upper Ventilation

CALZURO Autoclavable Clog with Upper Ventilation

CALZURO has been blending professionalism with well-being since 1983. Products are made entirely in Italy, and it is only after thorough research on consumer dynamics that these clogs come into motion.

Medical health professionals are always on their ‘toes’. It is usually during rush hours that individuals may hurt themselves. They may slip and fall, suffer sprains and severe ankle injuries.

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Wearing shoes not suitable for long working hours, may chip toenails, abrade the skin and cause leg, hip, and abdominal ordeals. For this reason, a great favorite of doctors and nurses are clogs, and Calzuro clogs are extremely trustworthy products.


  • Constructed with rubber—sleek and stylish
  • Anti-static clogs—good for professionals working in extremely cold and dry climates
  • They are latex-free and metal-free—eco-friendly product
  • Animal-cruelty free
  • The heels are 1.5” thick — reduces fatigue, enhances blood flow to your feet
  • The soles are slip-resistant
  • Easy to wash with bleach, even dishwasher safe—can also be sterilized in autoclaves


  • Frequent price hikes
  • Fittings are a little off—only UK sizings are marked on the shoes, not US sizings

Even if health workers spill blood or bodily fluids on these clogs, there is no need to worry since they are very easy to clean and disinfect. The clogs come with temporary clogs which wear off after some time to help you decide if inserts suit you.

What to Look for Before Buying Surgical Clogs?


If you are a health professional, look for material that is a great fit, comfy, and long-lasting. Leather or oiled leather exteriors make good clogs. As far as the interior linings of shoes are concerned, you may go for rubber or foam ones because they give a lot of comforts. If you are choosing leather clogs, look for Microfiber or Padded Collars for reduced ‘break-in’ time.


Look for Padded Microfiber Collars or Air-Cushions which are shock-absorbent. See if you can find clogs with M-Select Dry technology — this is a high-tech fabric used in footwear, making shoes lightweight, waterproof, resistant to precipitation and wind, and releases internal moisture thus preventing your feet from becoming dry. Search for EVA midsoles because they are contoured to match the shape of your feet to maximize your comfort level. Clogs tend to make feet sweaty, so look for Ventilation Ports or ‘holes’ which will make your slip-on more breathable.


M-Select Dry Technology gives you greater stability during quick and carefree movements. Some clogs come with ‘slip locks’—these locks could be drawn upwards to make your shoes look like sandals, and you can put them back on for rigorous walking sessions. Look for side-buckles for greater support.


See if you can find synthetic soles since they are highly slip-resistant. Some clogs come with raised patterns on outsoles to add more friction with the ground for a higher grip. Rubber soles are also great in terms of anti-slip features.

Easy to clean:

Certain clogs come with specialized lugs on the outsoles to release dirt and debris collecting under the feet over time. Ventilating holes do not only ventilate but release dirt and water too, thus keeping the interiors clean and dry. Leather clogs are very easy to clean–just wiping a damp cloth will do the trick. Synthetic clogs are waterproof so will protect your shoes from blood or fluid spills. Pure leather clogs are stain-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) How do you clean white clogs?

Ans: Synthetic white clogs could be washed with Clorox Spray. Certain branded Rubber clogs can withstand temperatures of up to 275°F so they could be sterilized in autoclaves. Dishwasher, washing machine and bleach could also be used to wash rubber shoes. Leather shoes could be just wiped off with a piece of damp cloth or scrubbed with brushes/sponge and soapy water. To clean Alegria shoes you would need Suede brushes.

Q) What do I do if the size I ordered does not fit?

Ans: Clogs available on Amazon are usually marked with UK and US sizings for both men and women, and there are size-charts available that should fix your problem. Still, if you get wrongly-sized shoes, you can directly contact the seller for a replacement or refund.

Q) Are clogs impact-resistant?

Ans: Microfiber, EVA and Leather Clogs are highly-impact resistant.

Q) Aren’t clogs made of wood, super big and clumsy?

Ans: You would be amazed to know, there are clogs made with various materials these days, including your wooden ones. Modern clogs are worn by hard-working professionals all around the world and clog nowadays are made of rubber, leather, microfiber and synthetic materials to suit all professional needs, Sizes of clogs differ, and there are various sizes available in the market. Choose the one that fits you best. But yes, clogs usually have spacious interiors to maximize comfort.

Q) What if blood or other body fluids stain the clogs?

Ans: If you work in a place where there are frequent risks of that, you should go for a rubber or leather clogs because they are very easy to clean and sterilize.

Q) I heard clogs give static shocks. Do they?

Ans: Synthetic clogs or clogs with rubber soles could, unfortunately, give you that experience. It happens mostly in dry winter months. You may wear cotton socks (not woolen socks) with your clogs, and use leather-soled clogs instead of rubber-soled ones.


For professionals in the medical industry, who seek for comfort and durability, Clogs would be a suitable choice. Caregivers stay on foot 24-7, and such a lifestyle poses them to a myriad of health risks. There are various clogs available in the market to ease the ordeal of medical professionals.

They are made of multiple materials like synthetic, rubber, EVA, microfiber and leather to name a few, at a wide price range, starting from as low as $20 to more expensive collections of up to $300. The wide choice, color, and price range encourage everyone, regardless of age, gender, and occupation, to step towards purchasing clogs. Sure there are several demerits, but footwear has already revolutionized with the arrival of clogs and will get only better with time.