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The 5 Best Work Boots for High Arches in 2023

People with high arched feet are often back from work with swollen feet. Sometimes this pain in their feet gets worse and causes serious problems like Metatarsalgia and Plantar Fasciitis.

By High Arched Feet, we mean, when your footbridge is higher than usual, and it doesn’t touch the floor when you are standing. If you have a more upper arch in your feet, you might have encountered difficulties for shock absorption and balancing.

But, with the best work boots for high arches, your hard days are about to end. In this article, we have reviewed the top rated work boots that are specifically designed to comfort people with deep arched feet.

Let’s find out more about how and why we chose these work boots for you.

Best Work Boots for High Arches 2020

1. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Work Boot

The Men’s Pittsburgh work boots by Keen Utility has a little too stylish look for work boots. The Nubuck leather features breathable and durable use with a perfect snug fit.

With the adjustable shaft diameter and large toe box, it offers excellent arch support to keep your feet relaxed all day.

The padded collar and rugged leather keep you dry for the entire day, even if you are working in a wet condition.


  • Waterproof work boots, perfect for field workers and those who work in a wet atmosphere
  • 100% Nubuck Leather ensures a long, durable use with comfort.
  • Stylish and Easily blends in with a casual outfit as well.
  • Rubber Outsole— Sturdy, Slip Resistant rubber outsole offers safety, also meets ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 standards.
  • Its adjustable Shaft Diameter Offers Great fitting and comfort.


  • You have to buy the insole with extra cushioning separately. But the insole is very comfortable itself.

Final Verdict

With the durable Nubuck Leather, this work boots not only complement you with a stylish look, but it also ensures a comfortable fit with its adjustable shaft diameter feature.

2. Timberland PRO Men’s Titan 6″ Safety-Toe Boot

The Timberland Pro safety boot is one of the best work boots for high arches with a bunch of amazing features.

This premium leather made composite boot has been designed for versatile use with the highest safety standards. Its POWER FIT comfort technology gives support in every critical movement, and the Titan safety toe protects the toe in harsh and rough traction as well.

The nylon diffusion shank keeps the boots lightweight while offering great support to your arch, ankle, and toe. All in one, it’s a work boot that’s worth your money.


  • POWER FIT Comfort System ensures long-lasting comfort and support for the movement
  • Features anti-fatigue insoles that lets your feet breathe with comfort
  • Nylon Shank provides support to the bridge area while keeping it lightweight
  • The Titan safety toe keeps your metatarsal area safe
  • Low profile outsoles offer great support for both working and traction.
  • Oil resistant, slip-resistant, and abrasion-resistant.


  • Runs a half size large.

Final Verdict

This amazing safety toe work boot delivers a smooth and safe experience both for traction and working. To ensure the perfect fit either use an additional insole or buy a half size smaller than your regular size.

3. Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

If you want to feel your feet in a sauna while working throughout the day, get yourself a pair of Carhartt Men’s Composite Toe Boots.

With the classic look and Cement constructed Carhartt Rugged Flex outsole, these boots will seamlessly support both heavy-duty work purpose and adventurous traction.

Carhartt PU and Foam cushion insole, combined with the EVA midsole, offer you the premium comfort. With this comfort and shock absorption traction experience, it can beat many expensive work boots.


  • Rugged flex technology keeps the feet stress-free all day long.
  • Multilayered cushioning offers maximum comfort
  • 100% full-grain leather offers comfort fit and water resistance
  • String Tie boot laces give a snug fit with a roomier toe box
  • Offers secondary protection from electric circuits of 18000 volts (when it’s dry)
  • Oil, chemical and slip-resistant


  • Lacks in providing enough heel support.
  • The back inside seam rubs over the ankle. Might feel a bit uncomfortable if worn without socks.

Final Verdict

If comfort is your ultimate priority in work boots with arch support, then you should go straight for these supremely comfortable high arched boots.

4. Thorogood Men’s GEN-FLEX 6-Inch Lace-Toe Composite Work Boot

Thorogood Men’s GEN-Flex is an absolute charm for its amazing craftsmanship. Besides the comfortable EVA cushioned insole and shock absorption, the unique feature that would catch your attention is its removable polyurethane footbed.

Especially if you have high arched feet, you can remove and replace it just as you wish to achieve that perfect level of comfort. Isn’t that great?


  • EVA cushion flex insole offers premium comfort
  • 100% leather made and Goodyear Storm Welt construction provides rigidity and durability
  • Removable polyurethane footbed offers versatile use and allows custom comfort
  • Capable of withstanding electric circuit of 18,000 volts


  • It’s not waterproof, but it holds well in water as well.

Final Verdict

By means of comfort, features or outlook, this pair of work boots is a great choice for anyone with high arched feet. And if you are one of them, don’t miss this out.

5. Dr. Martens – Men’s Ironbridge Heavy Industry Boots

After the very short break-in period, the Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Boots are going to give you the most comfortable fit ever.

With the PVC air-cushioned oil and alkali resistant sole, you just don’t have to worry whether you are working at a construction site or a petrol pump. 

Even in the hot summer days, its moisture-wicking lining won’t let your feet sweat as it does with the other boots on. 

Its shock absorption steel toe protection lets you enjoy smoother traction. Whereas, its steel protected bridge offers support for your high arch.


  • The internal met-guard protects the bridge to the toe area of your feet.
  • The moisture-wicking lining keeps feet dry and cool all-day
  • The antibacterial smartmask insole keeps it from getting smelly
  • A slip-resistant rubber sole and internal metatarsal guard ensures safety during heavy work.
  • Its PVC air-cushioned sole is oil, petrol, and alkali resistance.


  • The steel toe box area is a little snug fit. Not suitable for people with wider toes.

Final Verdict

If you live in a hot geographical area and work outside, these work boots are going to be your next favorite work boots, keeping your feet fresh and dry all day.

What to Consider Before Buying Work Boots for High Arches?

High arched feet isn’t a problem itself, until or unless there is an underlying structural abnormality. But over the years of practicing the wrong lifestyle and using the wrong pair of shoes, it can lead to severe problems.

So, it’s high time that you need to choose the right pair of work boots for your high arched feet.

And here’s how-

Comfortable Sole

Work boots are usually worn all day long. So, you need to make sure that your boots have a comfortable sole. And if your footbridge is higher than the average, you need to be extra sure about it.

  • Cushioned Insole: High arched feet tend to feel strained after long wear. A cushioned inner sole can provide that extra comfort and ease to get through the day without swelling your feet. Some work boots like Carhartt Men’s CMF6366, even feature Multilayer Cushioning by adding a lightweight EVA midsole to maximize the comfort.
  • Footbed: Try to choose a pair with a smooth and comfortable foot-bed with a shorter break-in period. Some work boots come with removable foot-beds like the Thorogood Men’s GEN-FLEX. So, you can even remove or replace it for your ease.
  • OutSole: Depending on the kind of your work, you should always make sure that the outsole is made of high-quality material. Most of the best work boots for high arches come with high-quality rubber outsoles with various safety standards.

Arch Support

If you have high arched feet, you should always pay attention to what arch support the manufacturers offer. The best arch support work boots usually ensure-

  • Supportive Shank: Shank is the key supporting tool in between the insole and outsole and placed right along the bridge area. Both the steel and composite shanks offer great support from heel to toe.
  • Cushioned Toe box: People with deeper footbridges often tend to have a wider toe. Even if yours is not, it’s a good idea to get a work boot pair that has a cushioned toe box. It will protect you from having metatarsalgia.

Shock Absorption

Higher arched feet are often overly rigid and they fail to deliver enough shock absorption while landing your feet. It happens because you can’t flatten your feet properly due to the high arch.

So, try choosing working boots that feature shock absorption.

Safety and Durability

There’s a number of things that would determine the longevity of your work boots-

  • Material and construction: Leather boots tend to have a little longer break-in time but they ensure long and durable use. So, it is best to go for 100% leather or mixed leather material with rigid construction. After the break-in time, it feels extremely comfortable as well.
  • Safety Standards: Most work boots with arch support are complied with the ASTM F2913-11 to ensure a safe work experience. Additional safety features include- slip resistance, water resistance, shock resistance and etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do High Arches Cause Heel Pain?

A: High arched feet are very likely to develop Plantar Fasciitis. It mainly causes inflammation in the band of a ligament in your heel. The pain primarily affects the heel but in some cases, it spreads through entire feet.

Q: What work boots are appropriate for high arched feet?

A: People with high arch need to be a little extra cautious about choosing the right pair of work boots that would hold it throughout the day. So the first thing you should look for is the arch support the boots offer and secondly a comfortable cushioned insole.

Q: What type of insole provides foot supports to arched feet?

A: In short insoles that offer extra comfort for specifically high arched feet. There can be many variables for comfortable insoles.

So, to be a little specific, cushioned and padded insoles that offer minimum shank or bridge support is the right pair for arched feet. Multilayered sole can be a plus.

Q: Which type of shank to look for in high arched boots?

A: Shank is the most crucial feature in boots and shoes for people with arched feet. Shank is the main part that is intended to provide support to your bridge area. 

There are three types of shanks- steel shanks and composite shanks. All shanks are meant to provide arch support, each with some precise benefits.

The traditional steel shanks are for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option and rigid work performance. Composite shanks might not be as rigid as steel, but it makes the boots much lighter and comfortable than the contemporary steel shank boots. 

So, both have their own good and bad. It depends on your preference. But at the least, both types provide support to your arched feet.

Q: Do people with high arch need work boots with extra toe support?

A: Yes, high arched feet often experience Metatarsalgia, which can cause a sharp and shooting pain in the metatarsal area of your toe. So, it’s been suggested for people with high arch feet, to choose work boots with a spacious and comfortable toe box.

Final Words

High arched working boots are meant to provide a long-wearing comfort with additional arch support to those who have a higher footbridge than average.

Throughout this article, we have reviewed the top rated work boots with arch support in the market. Each of these high arched working boots is constructed with high-grade materials meeting the safety standards by ASTM.

So, which one of these work boots excites you for your upcoming happy feet days?