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How to Break in Combat Boots: 7 Steps

Most of man love to wear fashionable combat boots. Plus, most the man who is working in the land, field, farm, or garden, would like to wear combat boots, security guards shoe when they do their job.

If you are one of them, you would like to keep a pair of boots with you. Though it is true, a new pair of boots will the main cause of blister in the feet of you.

To save the foot from any injury, you must break your new boots. In this post, we share with you our experience to break in combat boots. If you can apply the proper way, you can use it for a long time with no trouble.

Some proper steps those are more useful and helpful.

1. Use alcohol:

Alcohol use to make soft leather boots is an ancient method. You also can apply this method on your new boots to avoid the blisters. Just rub the alcohol inside the shoes. Then, wait until soaked it completely.

2. Use socks:

A pair of socks is a great option. But remember, you must pick the boot soaks. They worked well and work as a pad to save the toes and heels from any hurt.  New boots take time to large. When you wear socks with boots, it will large a little bit. After a few hours, you will feel lose and comfortable.

3. Adjust the laces:

The combat boots contain a side zipper and it is a marvelous opportunity. But it is true when you adjust the lace to each you can’t do it. it will happen because one of our legs is big and wide from another leg. So adjust the lace properly each of the legs so that you can feel comfortable and relax.

4. Use leather oil:

It needs a long time to get the boots perfectly. If you use leather oil or boots oil two or three times in the first week, it’ll ready to use. The oil makes them so soft and easy to wear. But keep in mind; just use a small amount of oil.

5. Avoid long time use:

Don’t try to use the new pair for the whole day. Try to use them just 2 or 3 hours daily for a couple of weeks. Use them with relaxable time and rest them to become soft and comfortable for using regularly.

6. Clean up them:

After using every time, clean them properly. When you work in mud or other fields where they will dirty, just use the brush, mild soap, and water to clean them.

7. Use them indoor:

To make the pair lose, first time walk with it indoor daily. Try to go out for a walk or hike in your daily routine. It’ll make them suitable to use.

Finally, we hope, this guide of this post assists you to break in combat minimalist boots. So, just take care of your lovely boots and leave them to work smoothly for your feet.