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Can You Walk On A Broken Foot With A Boot? Ultimate Guide!

Broken foot? But, Can you walk with a boot? According to experts; to hasten the healing process, you should take rest and relax. Then again, If the doctor recommends; you can walk on a broken foot with a orthopedic boot, as they come with an comfy cushion and strap that enhances the healing process. BSUH stated that It may take up to 6 weeks to heal.

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These boots come designed to provide enough cushion and straps and lightweight, enhancing individuals’ walking process. However, not every person with a broken foot needs to walk with a boot on, as it depends entirely on the extent of the injury.

It is based on the exact bone in the foot that is broken, and as such, a Doctor’s diagnosis is required to tell if you can walk on the broken foot or not. Suppose the broken foot results from a broken bone resulting in injured soft tissues or sprained foot. Hence, you must consult a doctor and become aware of the right treatment plan for help before walking about with a broken foot.

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Guide to Walking On a Broken Foot with a Boot

It is a known fact that walking on a broken foot can be quite fatal and lead to further issues. Thus, a doctor’s diagnosis is needed to tell if you can walk on your broken foot with a boot or not. Most people wear doctor recommended boots which help quicken the foot’s healing process. This is because it may not be the perfect idea to rest the broken foot a long while, to enhance the process of healing.

These boots are referred to as Orthopedic boots, and mind you; they come with enough straps and air cushions built in to provide support. They are very different from regular boots, and individuals with a broken foot can go about their day to day activities walking with this boot. It ensures they rest the broken foot even as they walk. The stipulated time to use these walking boots varies based on the injury’s extent, as the doctor may ask you to use them for 1-6 weeks.

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Wearing an Orthopedic Boot

Having an injury on your lower leg can be quite painful, and a broken foot is not a fun experience. This is much more with the pressure exerted when you walk about, even with those walking boots. If you are to wear an Orthopedic boot, it is advisable to get another footwear with a similar height to balance the foot’s pressure.

Get shoes that would provide support for the impacts received from the recommended walking boot. You should seek the doctor’s help in the perfect way to wear and adjust these boots to avoid more issues. For added stability, you can get a soft foot inner soles, or the doctor can also recommend using a cast. Wearing a boot for a long while can cause irritations; thus, you must get some foot liners.

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Final Thoughts

Although a broken foot requires enough rest to heal; this is sometimes not always the best solution, but this depends solely on the doctor’s diagnosis. If recommended, you can walk on a broken foot with an orthopedic boot. As they come with an excellent cushion and strap that enhances the healing process as you walk. You can get the right boots and wear them correctly with the aid of your doctor.