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Clarks Stinson Vs. Wallabee: What are the Difference?

Stinson and wallabee are different models of shoes of Clarks. If you do not take a closer view, then it is easy to get puzzled in differentiating them. Well, it is not your fault. These two models raised confusion among the men because of their same appearance.

Clarks is a world-famous brand that launches designed, comfortable and trendy shoes frequently. It will suit your traditional outfit. Despite many kinds of research and introducing new feathers, Stinson and wallabee are in the mist to some users.

Clarks Stinson vs wallabee do they hold the same features? Let’s find out through this article.

Clarks wallabee

I am a wallabee user. Never have I thought that this single pair of the shoe though look ugly, would be my favorite.

The material of the shoe:

Clarks has always been focused on the durability and comfortless rendered from the shoe. So they never compromise with the material of the shoe. Full-grain leather and suede are used to manufacture all the shoes of this model. Sheepskin is used as the lining material.

The full-grain leather makes the shoe strong and durable. If you intend to wear the shoe for the whole day, this is perfect for you. Why? It is because this type of leather remains exceptionally breathable. So it lessens the moisture and prevents blemishes.

Sole of Wallabee

The sole of the wallabee boots and shoes is made of crepe. Crepe sole gives you a comfortable walking experience.

With time, the sole will mould the shape of your foot. It helps to avoid the bruises and scars from an injury obtained from unfit shoes.

Toe Bar

All the boots and shoes of the wallabee model have a slightly squarer toe bar. It helps to differentiate it from other models.

What is the benefit of having a squarer toe bar? Well, it comes in handy to make room for your socks. You can wear any thick or thin socks. And what is more mentionable is that it can easily accommodate your wider feet if you have it.


It is said the stitching quality of the wallabee shoe is beyond expectation. Isn’t it obvious?

The company has always been using oiled and waxed thread for stitching. The premium quality of stitching improves the resistance of the shoe against wear and tear by many folds.

Types of Shoe or Boots

Wallabee shoes were introduced in the ’60s. Not very later, the shoe had risen to fame because of its professional craftsmanship, best construction, and premium quality materials.

Clarks has introduced both boots and shoes in the wallabee model. The shaft of the boot is slightly higher, and it is four inches. The tall shaft of the boot supports your ankle and renders outstanding balance while walking.

Fastening Type

The shoe is manufactured in the way that you have to fasten it using lace provided with the shoe.

Are Wallabee Shoes Waterproof?

It is the most thought dilemma that appeared in every user’s mind. I love to wear my wallabee as my daily wear. So buying a boot or shoe based on the climate holds great importance.

The GORE-TEX membrane helps to provide waterproof protection in all wet and dry climates. The rubber outsole renders maximum grip and flexibility. Now you do not need to panic from slipping in the mud on a rainy day.

Are Wallabee Shoes True to Size?

Wallabee shoe is used to be a little larger than one’s correct size. It is because of its complete toe bar. The extra room in the toe bar slides your feet in it. So consider the pair twice before buying it.

Clarks Stinson

I have already said that both the model are similar in appearances, but are they identical in terms of traits. Let’s see.


Like the wallabee shoes, the Stinson is also made of suede and full-grain leather.

The shoe is comparatively softer than the wallabee shoe due to its highly processed leather and great manufactured material.

Sole of the Shoe

The sole of the shoe is made of EVA. It makes the shoe lighter as the outsole of the wallabee is made of rubber.

EVA is much lighter than rubber, and it keeps your feet warm. More lightweight sole adds speed to locomotion.


Untreated threads are used for stitching in this model. It reduces the flexibility and durability of the shoe.

Stitching is the sector where I would love the shoe to develop.

Types of Shoe and Boots

Like wallabee, both shoes and boots have been introduced under this model also. What’s new?

A lo-boot has been launched which has shaft lower than shoes, under this model. If you are prone to get cut from the shaft of the boots easily, you can select lo boot and check reviews.

Comparison between Clarks Stinson and wallabee

Though both the shoes are classy and sophisticated, I think Stinson drags a little behind, and most of the people could not differentiate between because of their similarity in appearances.

Characteristics, features, benefits, defects of both the models are shown in a table for your better understanding.

Serial numberClarks Wallabee Clarks Stinson
1.It is made of full-grain leather or suede. The lining material is obtained from sheepskin.It is made of suede and leather.
2.SturdierLess sturdy.
3.Less soft.Comparatively softer.
4.Scuff little.Scuff more than wallabee shoes and boots.
5.Sole is made from crepe.Sole is made from EVA
6.The bar is slightly squarer.The toe bar of this model is also slightly squarer.
7Stitches are more durable.Stitches are less durable.
8Oiled and waxed threads are used for stitching.Untreated threads are used for stitching.
9Renders maximum resistance to wear and tear.Renders maximum resistance to wear and tear.
10Shoes and boots are introduced under this model.Shoes, boots, lo boots are introduced under this model.
11The boot's shaft is 4" from the heel.Boot's shaft is 3.75" from the heel.
12More durable.Comparatively less durable
13Comparatively costly than Stinson.Comparatively cheap than wallabee.

Final Words

If you are thinking of buying Clarks Stinson or wallabee, gather more knowledge before it to make a difference between them. This Clarks Stinson vs wallabee article hopes to be helpful to you. So get your lucky pair and enjoy the happiness of walking.