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De’aaron Fox Shoes

One of the top-ranking guards in American professional basketball is De’aaron Martez Fox, who currently plays for Sacramento Kings. The star is believed to hold many potentials to take his team to greater heights. He used to play for the college basketball team, Kentucky Wildcats, and that got him a place in the NBA 2017 Draft. The star maintains a shoe line, and this article holds a list of the best De’aaron Fox shoes.

6 Favorite De’aaron Fox Shoes

The player signed a shoe deal even with the highest value Sacramento Kings contract extension that he received. It is not quite surprising that he maintains a shoe line for a star of his caliber, and here are some top options from De’aaron’s collaboration with Nike.

Air Jordan 28

Since the inception of De’aaron Fox’s professional career for regular seasons, the player has been found to like these pair of shoes. He prefers the high-top versions of the signature shoes. It would interest you to know that this model was inspired and developed to honor Michael Jordan.


  •  Long-lasting sole
  • Rigid support from the external heel and torsional plate
  • Outsoles with great traction


  •  Some persons feel the shoe have less breathability

Nike Kobe AD PE

With the player’s excellent relationship with Nike, he received a whimsical pair of the Kobe AD PE Dragonball. The upper part of these shoes is quite durable, and they come in bright and clean colors.


  •  Offers excellent support for the ankle
  • Excellent grip across various surfaces
  • Fantastic heel contour



Nike Air Max 97

In one of the question-answer trivia that the star had with his fans, he confessed his likeness for the Nike Air Max 97. The classical footwear comes designed to be true to size and offers the right fit.


  •  True to size
  • Great support features
  • Long-lasting


  • Some persons find it less innovative 

Nike PG1

These kicks were the star’s favorites for the summer league in 2017, and fans admired these colorful pairs. Hence, it keeps creating distinctive fashion styles over the years, which is quite outstanding.


  •  It is quite affordable
  • Excellent multi-directional outsoles
  • Provides decent cushioning


  •  Some persons find the toe box causing some discomfort

Nike Kobe 9 and 10

These pairs of shoes are great, and the player enjoys wearing the high-top versions designed to honor and celebrate Kobe Bryant.  Many people compliment the excellent traction offered by these shoes, and the support level is also great.


  •  Great support features
  • Tremendous outsole traction
  • Durable material


  •  Some persons find the upper flexes quite awkward


Does the Nike Kobe 9 and 10 run small or big?

The great news is that this footwear comes true to size, as they offer the perfect fit for your feet.

Are shoes from the De’aarons Fox collection long-lasting?

Yes. These shoes come made of superior-quality materials, and Nike keeps offering great support features. The durability is one of the excellent features from fans and has increased the shoes’ sales over the past few years.


The Sacramento Kings guard, De’aaron Fox, wears different shoes from Nike. After signing the shoe deal, he got his signature line. Fans love the stylish shoes the player wears on the court. Hence, you can also check out the best of the De’aaron Fox shoes.