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Do Doc Martens Run Big or Small? Know Before You Buy

When it comes to footwear brands, Doc Martens are one of the excellent shoes that come with features that are worth the cost. If you are searching for some comfortable boots that allow you to walk with ease, you might want to consider Doc Martens. But, do Doc Martens run big or small? Well, many reports say these shoes run big, and it can be quite tricky choosing the right size based on the sizing chart from many stores.

However, in many cases, Doc Martens may be true to size and a proper look at the size chart from the website can help make the right choice. If you feel so concerned about your shoe running in big, it would be best if you get an insole to help make it fit better. For individuals with half sizes, it would help if going for a smaller size on the chart (size 7 ½ should go for 7).

Finding the Right Size?

There is always this challenge of picking the right size of shoes and for Doc Martens, most people still find it tricky choosing the best match due to some opinions. So, many persons are keen on finding out if boots from this shoe brand are true to size.

Doc Martens are durable footwear with great designs that offers great flexibility around the feet and soles that provide excellent traction. The tough nature of this footwear defines great strength but the first few weeks wearing them can be quite challenging. Thus, you might need a great deal of patience before you break them in.

However, before they break-in, you may think they appear tight but after a few days, they become soft and comfortable. If you pick the right size of shoe, you would find your feet staying relaxed and free from injuries. Hence, it would help if you take the proper measurements of your feet before scanning through the size chart.

To help you pick the right size, it would help if you do the following:

  • When taking measurements of your heel-toe, ensure you are wearing socks, because you are more likely to wear socks with your boots.
  • Measure the length of your current shoe insole.
  • Finally, ensure you don’t measure the length of the feet alone, but all three dimensions of the feet.

Kindly note that the size for women-styled Doc Martens boots comes in a varying size compared to that of men. So, you may find the size 7 of a woman’s shoe coming smaller than that of the men.


Do Doc Martens run big or small? Whatever opinion you have about this footwear, it would help if you know that wearing a pair of Doc Martens for the first few weeks would create a tight feeling around the feet since they are yet to break in. Thus, you can find them true to size and comfortable after the break-in. However, if you wear half sizes, you should consider going down the size chart by half.

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