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How to Clean Suede Shoes at Home: 5 Easy Ways Explained

Who doesn’t love suede shoes? They look attractive with their excellent materials that allow easy maintenance. These shoes are trendy and can never go out of style, and can easily match various outfits. However, it is quite imperative to learn how to clean suede shoes at home, to keep their outstanding look alive.

The delicate material makes them quite tricky to clean, and doing it wrong can damage the shoe completely. On the other hand, a thorough cleaning would ensure they stay fine and remain in good condition for a long period. Are you bothered about cleaning your suede boots at home, and doing so in the right manner? You can make use of the awesome tips and tricks revealed below.

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5 Ways to Maintain Suede Shoes: Best Way to Keep Clean Suede

People wear their suede shoes in various ways and styles but the maintenance of these shoes, especially getting them clean and shiny are rarely talked about. It can be quite an ordeal not knowing how to maintain your suede footwear and keep them in good condition. Interestingly, you can do that from the comfort of your home, employing some helpful items.

Getting a Suitable Brush

One excellent way in getting grime of suede shoes is by using a brush, as it helps loosen the dirt and make them get off easily. The best shoe brush that helps wipe off dirt and grime from suede footwear comes constructed with soft bristles that are not overly hard on the leather.

There are excellent shoe brush options that you can find in many stores, and they also come at an affordable cost. An old toothbrush can also work well and you can employ such in the absence of an ideal shoe brush. In using the brush on your suede shoe, it would help if you employ some more pressure on stains that seems tough.

Always Keep your Suede Footwear Dry

Moisture and suede are no friends, and leaving such footwear wet can cause some serious damage. Thus, it would be best if you try to keep them dry, and if they get wet, employ a suitable means to get them dried quickly. Try to avoid the use of dryers and sunlight to dry your suede footwear. You can air-dry them and soak out excess moisture using paper towels.

Employing Stain Eraser

When it comes to removing tough stains from suede, it is best to make use of a suitable stain eraser for tougher stains. They often come with many suede cleaning kits and help remove set-in stains with ease. You can also find some excellent options in various shoe stores.

Get the eraser over the footwear and rub directly on the stains, and apply a little pressure for a better result. Continue with this process till the stains are no longer visible, and then wipe clean with a towel.

Cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol or Vinegar

These items are commonly found in many homes and you can easily use them for cleaning your dirty suede shoe. They help get tough grime off the suede material and make your footwear appear great again. Rubbing alcohol or vinegar can help treat stains that you have been unable to get off.

Get some onto a damp washcloth and start rubbing across the stained surface. The good news is that these solutions do not get the suede material stained like water would do, and as such, they are among the top options for cleaning suede at home. Once you are done wiping, let the surface dry and brush off the suede to get other loosened dirt out.

Protecting your Shoe

It is worthwhile to keep your suede shoe protected from further stains, as this would help reduce the need for constant cleaning. There are various suede protectant or stain-resistant sprays in the market and you can invest in them to help protect your footwear. Apply them to the shoe based on the manufacturer’s instructions and let them set in. You may need to reapply them later sometime to ensure they keep protecting your shoe.

Tips and Tricks

  • Allow muds on suede boots to get dried before you start cleaning; that makes the process easier and cleaner.
  • When brushing the suede footwear, do so gently and ensure you brush in a single direction (do not go back and forth).
  • For any water stain on the shoe, apply a light coating of water evenly across the footwear to remove the discoloration.
  • Applying Hydrogen Peroxide using cotton balls on blood stains can get them out faster.
  • Freeze the shoes in a plastic bag overnight to help you get out gum and wax stains.
  • Get excessive water out of wet suede shoes using some wraps of paper towels to absorb moisture.
  • Avoid using newspaper to remove moisture from wet suede, as the inks may get onto them and stain them further.
  • Dry your suede away from excessive heat and sunlight. Placing them on a shoe tree in a well-ventilated room can help them dry better.
  • Are there some oily or other stubborn stains on your suede boot? Try to get them off by employing a nail brush and wipe them afterward with warm water.
  • If you mistakenly spill oil on your shoe, apply some cornstarch while still wet and leave till the next morning. This action helps absorb the oil; then brush afterward with your shoe brush and use an iron for misting the stain.

Bottom Line

Suede shoes are awesome, showcasing an outstanding appearance that has remained in the fashion world for a long while. However, without proper maintenance, you can find your boot appearing less attractive. Knowing how to clean your suede shoes at home is great, as you can comfortably retain the attractive appearance of the footwear.

For light stains on suede, a soft brush can get the stains off and you can also employ an eraser for much tougher stains. Some excellent solutions you can use at home are rubbing alcohol and vinegar. Please ensure that you keep your shoe dry at all times to prevent stains and odor, and get them protected with excellent stain-resistant sprays.