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How to Dry Wet Work Boots in Dryer (Overnight)

Outdoors are adventurers. Don’t argue because we both know that’s a fact.

After all, that glorious time trotting through thick forests and wetlands, your boots must get wet. “Hello, anyone with an extra boot, mine is all wet?” to your surprise, everyone is giving the “dude are you kidding”-look. That means they are in the same troubling situation as you. Damn, that must suck!

How to Dry Wet Work Boots in Dryer (Overnight)

But you know what, after reading this article, you will never be in such an unpleasant situation again. Whether you still have a couple of days to finish your adventure or got home after work with wet work boots and you need them in the next few hours, that’s utterly possible.

In this article, we are going to show you how to dry work boots in the dryer quickly, so you get back to your business. But before we get rolling, note that you’ll need a few items close by to avoid going back and forth. So what are those things?

  • Dryer
  • Your boots
  • And a suspension point(possibly a rack) to hang your boot

Since there are two types of dryers, we are going to show you how to get your kicks dry with each of them.

Drying Your Work Boots Inside Huge Dryers

Now, for those with washing machines that double up as a dryer, the process is as simple as tossing the boots into it. Unfortunately, the clanking and banging noise as your shoes get tossed about can drive you insane.

Here’s how you can avoid the noisy bangs-have the shoe suspended in the washer through a hooking element. Recent dryer models come with a rack that contains hooks for hanging stuff. If that is lacking, then suspend your wet work boots by their laces and after closing the door, tie a knot, so you don’t have to hold them in place throughout the drying period manually.

When drying fire boots in a washer, there are a few precautions to keep in mind. First, do not set the temperatures too high. If you do so, your expensive shoe will shrink. The sole could warp also. So make sure to set minimum temperatures and stick around to make sure nothing unexpected happens.

Secondly, do not put the boots in the dryer with clothes. Too much stuff in the dryer could mean a bit more time for shoes to dry.

Drying Your Wet Work Boots with a Mini-dryer

Mini dryers could be more effective than huge ones because, with the former, you control the entire process. Mini-dryers come equipped with a hosepipe that delivers warm air. All you need to do is hover the pipe to different sections of the work boots as it provides a gush of heated air. With you in control, issues like warping of the sole and the binding glue melting cannot happen.

There are multiple boot dryers online for sale. Check them out and grab the one that is portable but still powerful enough to dry a couple of shoes at ago. Before you can dry your boots, clean out all the dirt first. Secondly, make sure they are friendly to the dryers’ heat before you go ahead.

how to dry boots in dryer

Alternative Methods of Drying Work Boots

There are many methods of drying work boots other than dryers. If anything, they could be more effective than the latter-especially if your boot shouldn’t be exposed to too much heat. Here are those alternative options:

Using a Towel

Using a towel

A towel is an absorbent and can draw a lot of moisture from your hot weather boots. Tuck it in the shoe and have another surrounding it for a couple of hours. Once drenched, switch to newer ones. By the way, you can use older towels that are no longer needed.

Use a Fan

Using a fan

Fans offer a quick and safe way of getting your boot water-free. It might not get your pair dry in the next few hours, but it’s reliable during an overnight session. To use this method, suspend your shoes near (not on) the fan and let it run throughout the night. Be sure to put an old towel or a rag below your shoes to absorb water droplets that fall off.

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Use Newspapers

Use newspapers

Albeit tedious, stashing newspapers inside your boot is also a quick way to get them dry. Just scrunch them a little-not too tight as that can impair water absorption-and pushed them into the boot. Come back after an hour or two to replace them with fresh ones.

Guess what, now you know how to dry your wet high arches work boots in a dryer appropriately. You are also familiar with other methods in case you don’t have a dryer. No need to get stranded ever again. Do you know any different reliable ways to dry a boot quickly? Feel free to share those tips with our readers via the comment box below. Adieu!

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