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How to Fix a Cracked Toenail?

A sufferer can only understand the stabbing pain from a cracked toenail. It not only adds difficulty to locomotion but might also cause infection, bleeding, and other problems. But do you know that you always do not need to run to a doctor to fix the cracked toenail except the severe cases? It is high time you learn some hacks about how to fix a cracked toenail.

Accidents never appear pre-informed. So it is not always possible to held precautions beforehand. Cracked toenails or fingernails are common. A single toenail crack can limit your locomotion to a great extent.

What are the causes of a cracked toenail?

We are very familiar with nail splitting or onychoschizia. A part of the nail is cracked vertically or horizontally and might cause throbbing pain. Though an accident is a common cause of cracked nail, there are many other reasons behind it. Some mentionable causes are like:

1. Injury

Traumatic events like bumping into doors, bedside, chain, and table may break the nail’s edges. Again if you get hit on the finger or toenail, it is not their fault to get ripped off. Sometimes the skin around the nail gets black due to blood coagulation.

2. Picking nails due to anxiety

Fingernail biting or picking soil with toenail is a common sign of anxiety or being in tension. Such activities do not result in splitting nails but decreases the durability of the nail and weakens. At that time, fingernails or toenails become very prone to breaking.

3. Moisture

Well, being always hydrated is essential, but too much of anything may be detrimental. Showering for a long time, spending maximum time in the pool, washing dishes frequently etc. keeps the nail wet always. So the nail gets soft and becomes prone to ripping off.

4. Bacteria, yeast, or fungal infection

Some fungal infection affects the nail bed. The toenail first thickens, discolors, and then disfigured. At last, it splits the nail and causes tremendous pain. In medical language, fungal nail infection is termed as onychomycosis.

5. Nail psoriasis

Nails being part of the skin, grows from the nail root. Psoriasis occurs in this nail root. You can identify a psoriatic nail by observing white spots on the nail, pitting on the nails, etc. though nail psoriasis does not spread, it should be dealt with great concern.

6. Vitamin deficiency

Protein, vitamin B complex, iron are essential for the healthy growth and development of nail bed and nail. Mainly, the lack of iron results in splitting nails. Biotin deficiency develops ridges around the nail bed; brittle nails results from calcium deficiency. The deficiency of vitamin C and folic acid results in hangnails. All you need to ensure the proper amount of protein, biotin, calcium, iron, omega three, etc. in your diet for a healthy, beautiful, and smooth nail.

7. Diseases

Some diseases like thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney disease, etc. are also responsible for the act.

Can cracked nail heal itself?

It is the most asked question by people. But alas! Our nails, which got a split or cracked, cannot heal itself. If a nail gets wholly separated from the nail bed, it can no longer get back together. It will fall off gradually, and a new nail will grow in its place.

A complete guide to fix crack nails at home

You can try some hacks to fix the cracked nails at home. These hacks can be both beneficial and time-saving. But if your cracked toenail demand medical concern, it might not be helpful. Here are easy ways to hide cracked nail:

Gluing technique

You can use glue to reattach your nails.

  • First, apply adhesive to the split nail.
  • Gently press the cracked nail to get back together.
  • Wait for the adhesive to be dry.
  • Use nail paint to hide the cracks. And you are ready to go

Application of teabag

Applying a tea bag is an excellent home remedy to fix your toenail cracks.

  1. You should select a teabag of any brand.
  2. Cut the tea bag according to the size of the nail.
  3. Then using adhesive, attach the bag to the targeted place.
  4. Give time to set the glue.
  5. Buff the nail and paint it according to your choice.

Gel and silk wrap

Another interesting method is to wrap the cracked nail with silk wrap and gel. First of all, add the gel to the silk wrap. Then cover the affected nail smoothly by applying gentle pressure. Wait for some time for the gel to set. Then you are ready to go.

Utilization of fake nails

Another potential remedy to fix a cracked nail is to use fake nails. You can buy these counterfeit nails at any beauty store and color the nail accordingly. Artificial nails are also famous among celebrities.

File down the cracked part of the nail

In case of minor crack, that is, if the break does not damage the nail bed, then you can choose to file to solve the problem. First, soak the cracked nail in warm water for about 5 to 10 minutes to make the nail soft. Then to smooth the cracked nail, use a nail filer, and file the nail.

Trim the grown split

If the cracked nail does not involve bleeding or accumulation of pus, wait until the split grows past the fingertip. Once it is fully developed, trim the split using a nail cutter. For betterment, then file the targeted nail.
These are the easy methods to solve the minor crack of the toenail.

When does your cracked toenail require medical concern?

In case of severe nail splits, you may need to see a doctor. Because in most dangerous cases, your nail might need to be obliterated. Some vital conditions are:

  • Pain sensation for more than two days after the injury
  • Accumulation of blood in the affected area
  • Accumulation of pus
  • Bluish or purplish color of the nail
  • The appearance of a horizontal ridge on the nail.
  • Ingrown nails.
  • The appearance of white spots under the nail.
  • If the cracked nail pierces the nail bed.
  • Distorted nail.

Medical treatments to fix the cracked toenail

The required steps must be followed.

  • Application of first aid

Wash the wound to remove the blood, pus, etc.. then wrap the creaked toenail with gauze and gently apply pressure to stop bleeding. Then use antibiotics as Neosporin .you should also care for the damaged tissue. 

  • Keep the nail clean

Regularly wash the wound with warm water and apply clean gauze to cover the injury again.

  • Intake of required vitamins and minerals

Lack of biotin, iron, calcium, etc. may result in nail problems. So ensure their proper amount in the diet. 

  • Intake of painkiller

To subdue the pain, intake painkiller according to a doctor’s prescription.

  • See a doctor

To avoid further complexity, see a doctor and follow his/her instruction.

Prevention is better than cure

Last but not the least, you take some preventive measures against cracked

  • Do not wet your nails frequently
  • Moisturize properly
  • Ensure proper nutrition
  • Strengthen your nails naturally by soaking it in coconut oil, argan oil, etc.
  • Try to avoid nails hardening agents.
  • Do not often wear nail polish and fake nails.

In summary, I can assure you that this article can help you get rid of the pain of cracked nail and solve to problem from the root to some extent.