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How to Lace Doc Martens Easily in Various Ways?

When it comes to shoe lacing, every person lace differently and there are various ways you can lace your Doc Martens boots. Whether you wish to lace just four or five eyelets of the boot following the popular fashion trend or make the boot fit nicer, you can learn how to lace Doc Martens boots yourself.

Lacing your Doc Martens Boots

You can commonly find your Doc Martens laced up in a criss-cross  style but you can decide to change this lacing style to create an outstanding appearance. Also, if you find yourself removing your shoe lace for some reasons, you can easily fix it yourself with the methods below:

Lacing with the Ska or Scooterist Pattern

  • Take the shoe lace and create a knot on one end

Ensure you create a knot on the one end of the lace and keep the frayed part in place by slightly burning with a lighter. Kindly note that it is not compulsory to burn the frayed part and if you do so, try allow it get dried before lacing the shoes. Once you complete this action, you would find one end of your lace rolled up in a knot and the other free end having just the plastic bit.

  • Fix through the eyelet

Put the knotted end through the first eyelet and slightly pull it, then take the end with the plastic bit and start by passing it through the other eyelet. Pull both ends through to make them stand against each other. Pull the lace to the second eyelet on the opposite side, taking it through from the inside. Keep up with the process till you get to the end but leave the last pair of eyelets.

  • The Finishing

Once at the end of the eyelets (at the top of the boot), get the lace wrapped twice around the boot, as you take it behind the loop. Then, finish off the process by either tucking it in or tying a slip knot that would keep the lace in place and stop it from falling.

Ladder Lacing your Boot

This method is another stylish method of lacing your boots, it can also provide you with a distinctive look.

  • Fix the shoelace through the first eyelets
  • Make both sides of the lace even by pulling both ends
  • Start running the lace ends in a straight pattern, doing so beneath the vertical lace on the other side of the boot.
  • Continue the process through the higher eyelet sets till you get to the last eyelets

Lacing your Doc Martens using the Straight Bar Pattern

This lacing style provides an awesome look for your footwear, with a clean appearance.

  • Get the lace fixed into the eyelets, putting the ends down
  • Make the lace appear even by pulling both ends
  • Move up the left end of the lace in a straight pattern, doing so on the inside and passing it across to the outside.
  • Repeat the process, doing so for both ends but skipping one eyelet, to make the lace appear in two eyelets upwards.
  • Continue, till you get to the very last eyelet


Lacing your Doc Martens boot creates an outstanding fashion statement, making you look stylish. You can lace your shoes using various patterns and change each lace pattern to provide your shoe with a new look. Are you looking for how to lace Doc Martens footwear using fantastic patterns? You can check out the patterns described in this piece.

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