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How to Protect White Shoes? 6 Easy Ways

The thought of having stains and smudges on your white shoes can be quite scary and may start making you feel weary to wear them. It is no doubt that white shoes, including sneakers, are classical and are a necessary pair for shoe lovers. Thus, if you would love to keep wearing them, it would be best to learn how to protect white shoes.

A pair of white shoes are attractive and creates an outstanding experience but they get dirty easily and have a messy look. Thus, it would help if you keep to these tips I have in this article to help clean, maintain, and protect white footwear.

So here the tips on how to protect white shoes:

Shoe Pre-treatments

You can’t tell what lies out there that can ruin your white shoes, and as such, it is advisable to get them pre-treated. A good stain repellant spray would work well to keep smudges out and make them appear brighter. There are various stain repellant sprays available in stores and you can bet the best option for your shoe and spray across the footwear after shaking thoroughly.

Let the spray sink in and dry completely; you can place them in a well-ventilated room and leave them to dry completely. For extra protection, you should try to make the shoe have some water resistance. It is quite easy for the stain to get onto wet shoes and making your white footwear water-resistant would help kick out those stains.

Proper Storage

If you store your white sneakers in a place where dust gets to them regularly, you would find them appearing dirty and you may have to do some thorough cleaning, again. In some cases, the dust accumulated over time would leave a lasting stain or mark on the shoe. 

Thus, it would help if you seek a better point to get these shoes stored, where they would remain clean and stay in good condition. Enclosed spaces that have adequate ventilation would work fine; place them there and keep your closet closed till you are ready to make use of them.

Thorough Cleaning

At the sound of “thorough cleaning,” you may seem tempted to employ the help of a washing machine and dryer but stay away from such. The heat from these items can easily cause a breakdown in the shoe’s materials and leave them worn out. 

Thus, you should quickly get a suitable shoe cleaner (water-based) and a soft sponge immediately after you purchase your white footwear. For leather white shoes and sneakers, an eraser sponge would work the magic to get rid of grime and dirt. 

White rubber shoes can accept liquid dish soap and water to make them appear great again. Get some soap into a bowl of water and wipe the rubber shoe with a rag soaked in the soapy water. Once done, rinse the shoe, wipe to get out excess moisture, and leave to dry. 

Rubbing alcohol can come in handy for getting stains off patented shoes. Apply using a cotton swab, scrub, and wipe out the excessive alcohol using a clean towel on the white shoe. Furthermore, a solution of vinegar and water would help get stains off with ease. Get a bottle, and mix a part of vinegar with water and shake thoroughly before applying.

Avoid Using Hard Brushes

There is a great misconception when it comes to using brushes on shoes, as most folks think a harder brush would get off stains quickly and work better. However, hard brushes tend to get the shoe’s fabrics loose and make them look worn out. This fact remains true for many shoes including canvas, knit, and mesh shoes. 

Thus, the perfect solution would be an old soft toothbrush and a shoe brush with medium bristles. For a pair of suede footwear, it would help if your buff stains out using a soft brush, to help protect the shoe’s material.

Dry Shoes Away from Sunlight

When it comes to taking care of shoes, it is quite crucial to get them dried after washing or cleaning. However, it is more imperative to keep them away from sunlight, as the heat and UV rays can damage your white footwear. 

It would be fine if you air dries them indoors, free from excessive heat. Stuffing the wet shoe with paper towels would help make them dry faster, as they absorb the moisture. 

Employ a Shoe Polish

This solution works well for white leather shoes; a suitable neutral or white shoe polish would create a great appearance. Please check the nearest shoe store to get a good polish for your white boots. Get a small cloth or soft brush and apply the shoe polish evenly and let it dry. You can also buff the leather footwear to make them appear shiny.

Helpful Tips

  • White shoes and rainy days are no friends; thus, it would be a great idea to avoid wearing your white sneakers on a rainy day.
  • During summer, try to get out the odor from your white shoe by sprinkling some baking soda on the insole. This action would absorb the sweaty moisture and get that awful smell out.
  • Create a frequent deep cleaning schedule to make your white footwear appear great always, and try not to miss it. It would help if you clean them swiftly after each use, to help remove and reduce the dirt accumulation.

Final Thoughts

White shoes are great, with a fanciful appearance but keeping them clean can be quite a handful. Stains, dirt, and grime on the white material of your shoe can cause a messy appearance that makes them appear less attractive. If you have a pair of white boots or sneakers, it would help if you learn how to protect white shoes.

A proper cleaning and excellent storage spot for the footwear would work well on making them appear bright for a long time. Appling some stain repellants would also be a great idea to keep the shoe stain-free. You can utilize the tips expounded in this article to get great insights on keeping your white shoes protected.

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