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How to Stop Squeaking from Doc Martens Soles?

One of the common questions most boot owners ask is “how to stop Doc Martens soles from squeaking.” Let’s say, you finally got that favorite pair of Doc Martens boot; but start noticing some squeaky sounds as you walk in them. No worries, it is totally fine and you can work on that to stop the shoe soles from squeaking.

The embarrassing experience from squeaky footwear can be quite annoying; and this noisy sound often results from the insoles in your shoe. Doc Marten boots are among the famous footwear but tends to be squeaky at times. However, there are various excellent methods of fixing this issue yourself, at your convenient time.

What Causes the Squeaky Sounds in Shoes?

Although the most common issues of squeaky shoes are from the insoles, there are also some other causes of squeaking. This other causes ranges from loose heels to trapped water; and footwear that have not break-in can also cause those squeaky sounds. Thus, it is very important that you determine the cause of your shoe’s squeaking to know the right action to take.

How to Fix Your Squeaky Doc Martens Soles

To stop the squeaking from your Doc Martens soles, you can follow any of the methods explained below.

Applying some Baby Powder

If you find your insoles making some squeaky sounds as you move about; you should try sprinkling some baby powder beneath it. Whether the annoying sound comes as a result of excessive friction or some contact with moisture, this solution would work perfectly in get rid of the squeaking.

Pull out the insole and apply some powder into the Doc Martens shoe and place the insole back. This action would ensure that there is less friction between the shoe and the insole, and as such, you would notice little or no squeaky sounds.

For boots that comes designed with a non-removable sole; it would help if you sprinkle some of the powder around the shoe’s interior, on the seams of the insole.  In place of a baby powder, you can make use of talcum powder or even cornstarch, as they can effectively serve the same purpose.

Softening the Insoles

If you just purchase a new pair of Doc Martens shoe and it is yet to break-in, you can find it quite noisy. To help stop this squeaky noise, you have to hasten the break-in process and not depend on nature to take effect.

Get a sandpaper and gently scrub the shoe’s bottom to help it get softened up. Once this action takes place, your footwear wouldn’t squeak as it used to and you can walk around more comfortably. Kindly ensure that you don’t damage the shoe by excessively scratching its bottom, and use a fine sandpaper (120-220 grit is preferable).

Lubricating the Insoles

One excellent way to put an end to the squeaking from your Doc Martens sole is to lubricate it with some coconut oil. The good news is that you only need a thin layer of this oil to get right of the squeaky sound. Saturate a cotton ball with some coconut oil and apply the oil beneath your insoles. If you still notice the squeaking, you may reapply another layer of coconut oil.

Fix some Paper Towels beneath the Insole

Get some paper towels and fold 2 sheets thoroughly so that they can conveniently fit inside the footwear. Then, raise the insoles and tuck them in neatly to prevent the squeaking sounds from your shoe. You can make use of dryer sheets or napkins if you can’t get some paper towels. After using the paper towels for a few times in the shoe, it would be best if you replace them to prevent smell.

How to Fix Squeaking from Other Parts of the Boot

Are the squeaking from your Doc Martens shoe not from the soles? You can also get that issue solved with the following tricks.

Ensure your shoe is dry

If you find the bottom of your shoe making a squeaky sound, it is more likely caused by moisture. Wipe the bottom of your shoes dry using a napkin and the squeaking would go away. If the entire shoe is wet, try remove the trapped moisture by placing the Doc Martens footwear into a dryer.

Fix some washcloth and fabric softener in the boot and toss it into the dryer. Ensure you dry using low heat, as excessive heat may damage the shoe and leave it shrunken at the end. Once dried, you wouldn’t get to hear those squeaky noises.

Make the Shoe’s bottom less slick

If the bottom of your boots are too slick, you would find them squeaking on hardwood and tile floors. To ensure that the shoe become less slick, rub the bottom of the footwear on a dryer sheet and you won’t notice such sound again. But if the sound persists, try rubbing the shoe’s bottom again.

Fix the Boot’s heels

Take a close look at the heel of your Doc Martens footwear to know if it there is a gap between that point and the surface of the shoe. If there is, it would be best if you try fix such issue to stop the shoe from squeaking. Get suitable shoe glue and bind them by applying the glue in the seam. A shoe expert’s service would help you fix it in no time.

Note: If you still find your Doc Martens pair of shoe squeaking after trying most of these solutions, it could be a defect from the manufacturer. Thus, it would help if you go through the return policy and see if you can get the footwear swapped with a better pair.


Keeping up with those squeaky noises from your shoes can be quite tiring and more annoying as you walk through a place with some group of persons. However, this problem is solvable, as you can go through this piece on how to stop Doc Martens Soles from Squeaking. It is quite crucial to note that knowing the cause of the squeaking can help solve the issue better. You can follow the excellent solutions mentioned in the write-up above to end that squeaky sound.

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