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Is Hot Glue Waterproof? Reveal The Truth!

Is Hot Glue Waterproof? Hot-melt glue or merely hot glue are excellent adhesives. It is very popular, as this polymer-based adhesive finds excellent use in the automotive sector, arts, product assembly, and many more. They come in cylindrical concrete forms and get converted into liquid form during its application. They get released from the glue gun, which practically melts the glue through the action of a force.

Once released from the gun nozzle, they solidify and bond surfaces in a few seconds. So, are hot-melt glues resistant to water? Water is a significant factor in adhesives, as glues that are not water-resistant can come off quickly, which can be worrisome. However, there are proves that hot glues are resistant to water or waterproof and do not come off if they contact water.

Properties of Hot Glue: Why Hot Glue is Waterproof?

The properties of glue determine if they would be resistant to water or not. Thus, here are some properties of hot-melt glue that makes them water-resistant or waterproof

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

The EVA is an essential component for adhesives that can bind papers or other similar products, and they set in a few seconds after application. Not only is this compound mixed with wax and resin for making glues, but they are also used for conditioning and waterproofing leather too. Fully present in hot-melt glue, their water-resistant properties make the glue waterproof.


Polyamides are excellent glue properties for sealing porous surfaces, ensuring that they stay in place. They are one of the essential components of hot-melt glue, and they have a thermoplastic nature. Thus, they stay firm when applied on surfaces, and with their chemically stable nature, hot glue is suitable for binding, rough surfaces. Furthermore, they are water-resistant, which is one reason why hot-melt glue is also resistant to water.

Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefins (APAO)

APAO is an excellent chemical component of various adhesives, including hot-melt glues. Although they take a longer time to set in, they are durable, and surfaces bound with this material stay put for a long while. They are soft-textured and have excellent water-resisting capabilities. They come in combination with resins for practical use, and they are quite handy for diaper-producing and paper packaging companies.


Hot-melt glue contains polyethylene, which has excellent adhesive properties for binding cartons and trays. Their exceptional chemical properties make them highly suitable for use as hot glue components. This material is also stable when the heat is applied and has an excellent waterproof characteristic. With this, you can rest assured and apply hot glue on a surface that can get in contact with water.


These brightly-colored adhesives come in handy for making glues, and they are ideal for sealing trays and cartons. With high thermal properties, they are suitable for making hot glues. When applied, they showcase their char-free features; thus, maintaining those surfaces can be relatively easy. They can bind cardboard, fabrics, and paper.


Hot-melt glues are popularly used across various industries for binding and sealing surfaces. One of the major concerns is if these hot glue can resist water and last long even when they contact water. Well, they are water-resistant, as they are of excellent adhesive materials, ensuring the glue doesn’t come off after its application, even when they touch the water.

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