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Klay Thompson Shoes: Sizing, Signature Shoe

The three-time NBA champion Klay Alexander Thompson is a top player and shooting guard, currently with the Golden State Warriors. The star had won the NBA All-Star five consecutive times and paired perfectly with other celebrities like Stephen Curry. The duo forms the “Splash Brothers.” Klay Thompson shoes are size 15, and the player got himself a line from his shoe deal.

Klay Thompson Shoe size: 13
Klay Thompson Signature Shoe: Anta

Top 4 Best Klay Thompson Shoes

Klay Thompson settled for a shoe deal that seems like one of the most lucrative, slated to last for ten years. The annual money the star takes home is $8 million, and that seems like a significant leap besides his successful career. Some exciting releases from his line include:

Anta KT1

The first release from the Klay Thompson shoe line is the Anta KT1, the starting point of the intriguing partnership. It may not be designated as the best but it comes with great features that support a great game on the court. The foam cushioning is excellent, and players can benefit from the excellent traction.


  • Padded to offer excellent cushioning
  • Offers the right fit
  • Superior-quality shoe materials


  • Some persons feel they are not the best basketball shoes

Anta KT2

After the release of the KT1, there was some room for improvements that birthed the KT2 footwear. These classical shoes have a fusion of mesh materials to offer great breathability. The outsoles come shaped to provide tremendous traction.


  •  Durable
  • Excellent traction considered in its construction
  • Excellent material and design


  •  It might not suit people with wide feet

Anta KT3

For added comfort, this shoe manufacturers from Klay Thompson’s signature line considered using a knit material. The shoe’s design is adorable and has excellent cushioning features in place that keeps players stable on the court.


  •  Excellent finger-print traction design
  • Durable shoe materials
  • Appears true to size


  •  The outsoles might pick up dust faster

Anta KT4

The excellent traction from the KT4 is one feature that fans cannot overlook, as it comes perfect with the shoe’s knit collar. The 2018 release of this model came with some low-top versions, one of which was rocked by Gordon Hayward. The cushioning features of the shoe are also splendid and keep the feet comfy.


  • Excellent materials for the shoe’s premium feel
  • Top cushioning features
  • Tremendous traction offered by the outsole


  • The soft outsoles may not suit the outdoor terrains


What shoe brand works for Klay Thompson?

 The superstar wears shoes from Anta, and they have proven to be quite supportive on the court.

How does Klay Thompson’s Anta footwear fit?

These shoes are true to size, especially with regards to their length. However, some users complained about the width of the shoes.

Are the shoes from Klay Thompson’s line good?

Yes, the Anta shoes have a top-quality, and premium feel and offer players excellent cushioning. These shoes come designed as lightweight and support easy movements.

Bottom Line

The renowned player signed his shoe contract deal, which has served as a great success alongside his career. There have been various shoe models released on signing the contract, and this article holds a few of Klay Thompson’s shoes.

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