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What Color of Shoes Matches a Maroon Dress?

The subtle color, marron, seems versatile, and marron dresses come in various shades that appear enticing. Whether you decide to wear a light-colored marron dress of a darker shade, you can’t go wrong with a matching pair of shoes. What color of shoes matches a maroon dress?

The softer look of maroon dresses creates an outstanding feminine appeal, but the wrong pair of shoes can ruin your style. The chic and luxurious style that attracts great compliments can be complete with a matching shoe color as you wear your maroon dress for events and evening dinners.

6 Best Shoe Colors that Matches Maroon Dresses

Some ladies find it quite challenging to pick out matching shoes for their dresses. Here are some shoe color options that you can experiment with your maroon dress.

Gold/Silver Shoes

Gold and silver shoe colors have some excellent matching effects for a variety of colored clothes. When other options seem not to work, most ladies rely on metallic colored-shoes. These options, especially gold, can give your maroon dress a royal touch for a classy appearance. Silver can tone up the maroon dress with some playful appearance.

Black Shoes

You can never go wrong with a matching pair of black shoes, as they complement any color shade while revealing the true tones of these dresses. Black suede wedges, sandals, pumps, and even stilettoes would work for maroon dresses. So, you can employ black footwear to make your maroon dresses appear more appealing without going through much stress.

Brown Shoes

Does it sound shocking to you that brown shoes can also look great on maroon dresses? Well, this unexpected combination has been seen to create a chic look that seems elegant and subtle. Interestingly, you can effortlessly pull off a fabulous look with this shoe color option. Various brown shoes would help in flattering your feet while you leave the maroon dress to flatter your precious skin. 

Beige/Taupe Shoes

Are you tired of the extreme measures you take to choose the right color of shoes that match your maroon dress? You can remain calm, as a touch of beige and taupe shoes would reveal an attractive style. The subtle warmth from these shoes would create the perfect finish you need for that formal or casual event.

White Shoes

White color is unique and white pair of shoes are exciting options that can complement your maroon dress. The trendiness of white shoes is quite outstanding, and they are sure not leaving the fashion industry soon. If you want a flawless look that goes with your maroon attire, the bold white shoes will do the trick.

Purple/Turquoise Shoes

You might need some confidence wearing the shoes you pick for your maroon dress, but a colorful appearance reveals a bold lady. Purple and turquoise shoes have great benefits in store for you, and you can find out when you try them on. A turquoise shoe would get you prepared in your maroon dress for a fun day ahead, and purple shoes would match light-colored marron dresses.

Note: Other options include blue, giving you a bossy appearance, and bright red for a solid push to the spotlight.

Bottom Line

Hopefully you got a basic idea on the question of what color of shoes should I wear with a Maroon dress? When it comes to choosing complementary footwear regarding matching colors, many ladies like to play safe. You can stay within style limits for maroon dresses by choosing white, black, and metallic colors. However, you may decide to go bold by choosing bright colors like red and others including brown, blue, and purple.