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What Color Shoes Matches a White Dress?

The power is a white dress is quite outstanding in the fashion world, and every lady out there wears such with their authentic styles. There are various reasons why white dresses are loveable, as people love the coolness of the color. However, one should only wear white dresses with matching shoes. What color of shoes matches a white dress?

These questions are often the concern of most fashionistas out there, as they yearn to make a bold fashion experience. One of the secret weapons of creating a loud fashion statement is wearing a white dress from various evaluations. What’s even better is that the right color of shoes offers an extra stunning appearance.

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The Best Shoe Colors that Matches and White Dress

It would interest you to know that white dresses are among the most easily paired in the fashion industry. A white dress offers great flexibility in experimenting with various colors of shoes that ensures you don’t look out of place. Here are some colors of shoes that you should try.

White Shoes

Would it be suitable to wear white shoes in a white dress? Well, it is, and you may not appear too bridal, as well. Whether you desire to have a casual or official appearance, you can match a white shoe with your white dresses. There are various options; flats, pumps, wedges, heels, sneakers, mini-sandals, and other low-cut shoes.

Golden/Metallic Shoes

Metallic or golden shoes are excellent for classy occasions, as they work great irrespective of white shade. They are fabulous and can create a charming formal or casual appearance. Gold shoes are among the top options of many fashionistas for a great appearance.

Nude/Beige Shoes

Nude shoes help those who seem quite unsure of the right shoe color to pair with your white dress. Beige shoes and nude shoes help you pull a beautiful look quite effortlessly. You can opt for various options to complement your feet while you let the white dress flatter your body.

Orange/Red Shoes

Although nude-colored shoes keep you on a safe spot with a white dress, you can still appear great by trying bright colors. So, get those orange and red shoes out of your closet and create a fierce combination. Wear them and feel confident as you walk through your daily activities.

Brown Shoes

Brown shoes on white dresses seem like the perfect match and showcase a happy and warm appearance. The brown shoe keeps the all-bright white color calm, and you can create an outstanding style with various brown shoes. It can take you through a casual, semi-formal, and formal look.

Other options include green, blue, purple, and pink shoes. Leopard print shoes are also great and offer breathtaking results. All these color mentioned above of shoes reveals a charming and elegant style.


White dresses are excellent for offering a glamourous appearance and create great freedom to explore many colors. If you have been asking the question “What color of shoes matches a white dress,” this article gives you the best options that you can settle for and get a gorgeous look.

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